XL5 V5 Custom Build

By swg_fpv on Apr 05, 2021

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Idk I made this just to sell on (some guy sold me some cheap nazgul parts) and it turned out nicely.

It's just an xl5 v5 with white tpu and accents, but here are parts and opinions:

-XING-E 2207 2750kv: I flew these personally for ages - they're really nice and durable as long as you don't smash them into brick. Not the best and supercedeeded by newer ones but still a good cheap set.
-Mamba f405/f40: Where do I start? This is the king of budget stacks. Never buy anything cheap apart from this - it's really nice to solder to (esc) due to small pads, really easy to use, comes in a nice box. Complaints? NO STICKERS
-XL5 V5: Tank, comes with an led on mine, works great, really nice carbon, looks better in person than online, easy to design TPU parts for... fantastic! On thingiverse there are some really talented guys and girls that provided solid STL files for this.
-Caddx Ratel (v1): Great camera, great image... no way you can be disappointed really. A bit pricy but hey you get what you pay for. I would personally go for a foxeer razer but this was cheap as anything when I bought it.
-FLYWOO Goku 625: This 450mw baby vtx has more power going into its LEDS than into its vtx circuit. Super bright and great for night flying like all flywoo things. The included antenna is tiny but who cares? It's cheap!
-Radiomaster R81: It's small, costs $8 and has good range. Easy to use and comes with wires etc as you'd expect. Shame that vocdi-91/stock shortages are ruining the price but I cannot recommend it enough. Beware though: it does not work in INAV

Thanks for viewing, happy flying, and have a nice day!



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MrSmith   Feb 25, 2022  

Hey, nice build. Maybe you got a link to that fpv cam side plates ,stl file? Cause mine only got one hole and i see the standoffs in the fpv feed.

skrat   Nov 09, 2021  

Hey, awesome build. What size screws did you use to mount the FC/ESC stack? Do you think a board like TBS Crossfire Sixy9 would fit on top, and if so, what size screw do you think would work? Thanks

swg_fpv   Nov 10, 2021 

Hi there - so I used m3x30-35mm screws for the stack, and the TBS 69 (since it is 20x20mm mounting) could be placed in the rear of the frame with some m2x10mm screws (of course, m2 lock nuts on top, and m3 lock nuts or nuts on the stack) - hope that helps!

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