mr. mm v2

By BUDLoNG on Apr 12, 2021

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v2 resolved the major issues buzzer in the way of the props and not enough leds....

I tried to shed some weight, but gained a little by adding two more leds (worth it). I will always err on the side of leds :D I swapped out the new bee canopy with something a little sexier. I had to trim the front bottom of the new canopy to fit. The vtx is bolted in and holds down the leds.
I always use clear heat shrink on my leds to catch and amplfy the lights (at the cost of some weight)
The led strip is folded into a diamond shape and all the wires go inside of it. Its basically a central prop deflector.
Its currently only using a single antenna xm. It's fast, but with those exposed blades is not very relaxing flying above my house.
I took the vtx off cleaned it up, tried an akk vtx, put this one back in, cleaned it up again. The pads are so tiny its not very fun soldering it. I am getting better but it's very tedious.

threadlock works best when you use it.

~4-5 min on a 550 2s.



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Jodie Froster   Apr 13, 2021  

Love it! The canopy IS sexier, the LED's are clever, and the belly button buzzer is best!
It's cool to see you running bigger motors (i've been watching your builds since the first post).
I really, REALLY like what you did to reduce your receiver antenna length, that's clever, and i've never seen it before!!
Are you still running with one motor that's a different kv?

BUDLoNG   Apr 13, 2021 

thank you for the props, no pun intended :)
I am still using one 8000kv motor in there as it's all I have currently.

Jodie Froster   Apr 13, 2021 

So what is that like? Is it basically like they are all 8000kv cause' the FC is limiting the other three? I want you to tell me what happens if you replace the lower one to match the rest

BUDLoNG   Apr 13, 2021 

The 8000kv theoretically would limit the amount of thrust possible from the 11000's since it cant match the higher rpms. i think this setup is the worst of both worlds since i don't get the low end grunt of having lower kv and i don't get the high rpm benefit of the 11000's. If i pick up another 1103 11000 i will update if i get better performance or improved flight times ( i would expect both )
None of that is anything but unproven logic in my head :D

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