By MOMO RACER on Feb 26, 2017

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The SCX-140 is a little and powerful SCX, around 185g without lipo (straps, led...).
This is a solid build, with a good fpv equipement, especially for racing proximity. It has been designed by SPACE COWBOY, and produced by ARMATTAN PRODUCTION. This 3 inch racer has a really good punch, the setup is turned to 4S LIPO, it's fast, and may even compete against bigger ones on short outdoor tracks. The weight and the power are probably a little too much for very short indoor races, but don't take care about that, this SCX140 is 100% racing fun, you will only need around 1000m2 to make a track using all its potential. Little precision on the pics bellow; the RX is a FRSKY XSR and the fpv antenna is a basique stock antenna, i have changed these 2 elements by the elements listed on the technical data. Enjoy the complete vidéo review (review and best of racing moments):

Another video of the SCX-140 with 1300 TATTU LIPO! just for fun ^^ it works, but it'es really too much for this quad racer, the only advantage is you can fly fast on straight line (it's harder to turn fast like that), and the autonomy is arount 4 minutes by flying fastly (i will recommand 500, 600 or even 850 4S LIPO to keep a good feeling):



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