By daich on May 24, 2021

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Always keeping my eye on tommy's creations as they are super interesting. He is always exploring new angles in the hobby. The latest is a sub 250g 5" that is still robust enough to freestyle.
I preordered immediately especially there was going to be a UK stockist but as production dragged on and on, no fault to tommy but blame the world environment, I decided to cancel my preorder since micros are actually more suitable for my current situation.
But in the end I got a chance to get my grubby hands on a batch 3 frame so i jumped. Couldn't resist.

Just before building, Chris Prosser released a video about dampening frame resonance with damping grease. I figured the 2fiddy being so light with skinny arms would be prone to lots of resonance so I decided to slather it up with Nyogel 767a. I did hear that Chris himself got a hold of a prototype of the 2fiddy to analyse the frame resonance. I know it's not very scientific without me establishing a baseline without the grease first but the build uses aluminum bolts which I'd rather just tighten up once to avoid stripping so I just went for it. I can always do before and after tests with some other frames.

Arms edges got some white auto body touch up paint (BMW alpine white) on them, mainly to help with delaminating at the tips.
180g dry
450mah 4s 235g
650mah 4s 261g

newbeedrone flow motors are very smooth sounding when I was setting them up on betaflight.
can't wait to try tommy's tune on this bad boy.

all 2fiddy flights playlist

Update 24 May 2021
Using Tommy's tune and filtering settings in his build guide on youtube, I was getting oscillations on throttle transitions. I messed around with the PIDs and got something decently flyable. Still needs a decent tune. I have since reset everything to defaults and set it up with the settings I usually used as a baseline. Hopefully my next session will be better. It doesn't help that the HGLRC Zeus is extremely sensitive to noise.

coming from micros, this thing is spectacular. actually this is my feeling whenever i fly 5" quads :P but this one is quiet and so light...and runs great on a 450mah 4s which is nuts. There is so much power. I've flown probably a hundred packs in this cul de sac and feel I have developed a decent awareness of the space. I've never crashed until this maiden flight...I got carried away and was having too much fun and because of the extra power, I hit a tree twice and ended up stuck in one the second time. Really going to need a bigger space for this one. Either that or I need to upgrade my skills :)

Update 29 May 2021
after a couple of sessions of unsuccessful tuning, I decided to capture some blacklogs to see what was going on. Just like UAVtech's review of this board, the Pitch axis of the gyro has some terrible noise. It's really bad. I eventually tuned it out so it was passable but the filters were up so high it affected the responsiveness to the point it wasn't worth trying anymore. I've since installed a betafpv 35a AIO v1.0 board. Will update once I maiden the new setup. Perhaps ummagawds tune/filters will work this time.

Update 02 June 2021
can you believe it, the betafpv AIO has the exact same issue - bad noise on pitch access on power such that the D goes nuts fighting the ghost noise. Since the betaflight FC doesn't have a blackbox for me to confirm that it's the FC or if it's the frame/motors/etc... I rotate the FC 90 degrees to see if this noise will follow the FC or not. what a pain. Sure enough, the noise moved from pitch to roll after I rotated the board. So, basically AIO boards suck. it's pretty much a crapshoot. I've had some bullet proof Zeus35 whIch I even run 6s on with no issues. and then some have so much noise there isn't anything you can do about it. My plan C will be to install separate 20x20 FC and ESCs. it'll weigh a little more but that isn't too much of a concern for me. For those who are really building towards the weight restriction I think ummagawd's recommendation with the iFlight beast F7 AIO is because of it's more consistent handling of noise.
Anyway watch this space for a third rebuild :P

Update 07 June 2021
moving to separate ESCs and Flight Controller did the trick!
blheli32 ESC with F3 processor and dynamic PWM frequency goodness and a F7 flight controller probably helps as well...so nice.
It's flying so good now. really pushing that small little space I'm maidening in. Time to stretch its wings out somewhere.



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Nikotttin   May 26, 2021  

Super nice build! I'm so tempted...

jasperfpv   May 25, 2021  

Very nice build and flying as always.

daich   May 26, 2021 

thanks man

wrong17   May 24, 2021  

You tricked us with the 2fiddy playlist! I clicked on it and no videos... just an empty play list. LOL JK

daich   May 25, 2021 

haha, I was able to get a maiden flight in, I've uploaded one pack now :P I'm trying out a new format...going to include playlists for all my builds.

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