GEPRC Phantom HD updated with 1404 motors

By lgustol on May 19, 2021

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I accidentally disarmed it mid-flight while I was coming back to land, bending two of the Amax 1303 stators.

Now I see that it was very dumb to set my two rate profiles on the same 3 position switch as the one I use to arm the quad. Lesson learned.

I wish I could get another set of those Amax 1303, but they're not available around here. I've heard they were fragile, but I was surprised with how easily they were totaled. Even so, I still really like them.

I'm glad I was able to find these iFlight ones. I guess the 1404 size is easier to find because of how popular the micro long-range class is these days. I thought it could be a problem to use motors as big as these on this frame, with 2.5" props, but it flies pretty well.

It's also a nice change to use different props. I really like the way these Azure look. It's a nice change as the Avan were ugly af, and their sharp points would always stab me when I picked up the quad. I can't wait to try out some HQ, and the Gemfan RotorX if I can find some.

I'll probably try to use some lower pitch props. I don't know if it was the lower 1.9" pitch from the Avan, compared to 4" on the Azure, or if it's something else like weight or motor size, but the quad is a little harder to handle on lower throttle. I also thought the increased motor and pitch combination would result in a more dramatic change, but overall I haven't noticed very different flight characteristics. Maybe I'm just not an experienced enough pilot to notice.

I also want to switch to a Nebula Pro when they get back in stock, or the new air unit camera if Caddx starts selling just the camera. I just have to start shaving some weight as the motor change increased almost 20g. I might have used too much solder this time, and I also changed the motor screws for slightly longer ones. I'll probably decase the Vista, and try to lighten it somewhere else.

My intention of building a micro was to be able to fly more often and in smaller areas, since I live in a big city and there are not many areas to fly safely. But I was surprised with how well it flies, either with the 1303 or the 1404, it feels very similar to the 5". I'm a lot more confident to fly with some people around, but I still try to avoid it.

The next one I want to try is a 4" Fouride. I'm not going to use a GoPro or any other action camera, so I might be able to achieve an AUW around 350-400g with a 4S 1100mah or 6S 850mah. I really want to get the FPV Cycle 2204 motors, but they always seem to immediately sell out when they get back in stock. I also want to try building a lighter micro, probably with an FPV Cycle 3" frame, there are some cool ones here on Rotor Builds.



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prasedenica   May 10, 2022  

Thank you for your wonderful sharing about GEPRC Phantom HD, this is the information I am interested in

sharkbyte   Jun 07, 2021  

What flight time do you get with these 550mAh?
Clean build!

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lgustol   Jun 09, 2021 

Also, I mentioned getting 3m30s flights on average, but I've reached 6min with light cruising.

daich   Jan 05, 2022 

clean build! btw, you can paste the url of any product into the rotorbuilds part list and it will add it into it's inventory

lgustol   Mar 05, 2022 

I got some Tattu R-Line 550mah 3S and I'm getting about 4 minutes on them, whereas I'm getting about 3 min with an R-Line 500mah. the 500 has about 30 cycles tho, and the 550 are brand new. I also get a little over 6 min with very light cruising.

sp_fpv   Mar 04, 2022  

Sick build! I have some spare tmotor 1404 4600kv, a phantom frame and a plethora of 2.5" prop to try :)

kirilldmt   Aug 25, 2021  

hi. where did you buy this small foam pads for frame?

lgustol   Sep 08, 2021 

They came with the frame, I just cut them.

But I'm going to replace them for ones that are a little harder, that I've cut from a POC protective shorts pads.

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