Secret 1s setup

By matthew saigon on Jun 08, 2021

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note: i can't talk about it until the drone or the motors were available to buy.
and then i would talk about the rationality behind the setup and how it's different from Bob Roogi's 1s babytooth.

i just built this 1s setup.
and i like it a lot.
i'm testing it and cannot talk about it. IF the motors were available right now, i would love to talk all about them.

it can turn quicker than Bob Roogi's 1s 1202.5/1302.x gf3018 setup.
it's good for small space like my yard.

i'm using my old puffed-up batteries, so flight time is not so good. with new batteries it can fly longer.

tell me, what do you think ?


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gmmelissa   6 days ago  

This is actually the kind of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for writing this information Minecraft Classic

Thomas Parker   6 days ago  

spill your beens i tell you! can't wait to get some of them motors!

fovea   12 days ago  

nice flight, looks awesome :-)

i would give it a bit more cam angle in hope the higher rpms will improve the torq linearity :-) i believe i saw it struggles on a low rpm level a bit, not sure...

matthew saigon   12 days ago 

first i apologize for not discussing in details. because if for some reasons some company might copy the motor and make it out to the market at the same time or before they do. they might be looking at me to blame. and i try to avoid that.

the reason you don't see propwash in other 3" 1s setups is because they don't do inverted yaw spins. those moves are hard to come out clean without propwash at the end, especially for 1s setups. if you re-watch those videos you'd know it's true.

i can tell you that this setup is good. it can turn/corner really well. power-train is good too.

there are a few ways to deal with propwash after an inverted yaw spin. one, raise the idle speed and two raise the throttle really fast at the end of the moves.
raising the idle to high for 1s setups or ultralight weight setups is not ideal. you can't throw the quad even for a short distance and it feels weird.
raising the throttle really fast at the end is more ideal. you can keep the idle speed low. and this setup has enough power, so when you raise the throttle up really fast you could avoid propwash. and you can see that in this video that i don't always come out of inverted yaw spins with propwash.

i can avoid showing propwash by not doing inverted yaw spins. but i decided to do it anyway :)

matthew saigon   12 days ago 

one more thing, don't raise camera angle if you want to do inverted yaw spins. they will look bad. the less camera angle the better. but my cam angle is at about 20 degree and i cannot fly with lower angle than that.

elfowl   12 days ago  

What do you think of the flight controller? Why did you choose to use a separate VTx when the flight controller has one? I am interested in checking out ExpressLRS and was considering this flight controller.

matthew saigon   12 days ago 

i did that because they are available ( not in use ). other boards are in different setups.
yeah, the new Happymodel board with expressLRS is going to be very popular. it's the board to use for whoops and 1s setups.

and don't pay attention to those links i'm using different parts. Rotorbuilds make you put in some links,

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