roninUAV - Shinobi Mk1 177 sub-250g Micro Long Range

By the.ronin on Jun 20, 2021

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As someone who started out in proximity which then morphed into what we now call freestyle, the idea of going in a straight line as efficiently and as far as possible honestly did not seem so appealing to me. I give credit to the mad FPV genius known as Dave_C for not only introducing his pioneering 4" micro long range frame - but making it available to the public. Why I got it, I don't remember. What I do remember is being absolutely hooked and addicted to the feeling of ... wait for it ... going in a straight line as efficiently and as far as possible. I knew before even starting roninUAV that a micro long range was a MUST.

Meaning, "one who endures," the Shinobi Mk1 is our take on the micro long range. With due respect to the truly "long range" FPV pilots pushing 50+ miles, I am classifying this unibody 4" deadcat frame as an "endurance" build ...

With a 177mm MTM wheelbase, the Shinobi Mk1 has a deadcat configured in such a way that there should be zero props in view for most FPV and top mounted HD cameras ensuring optimal flight footage. This build makes use of a Flywoo Goku GN745 AIO Whoop FC and Caddx Baby Turtle Whoop Edition HD split cam along with an ultralight GNB 4S 1100mAh HV lipo powering T-Motor F1404 2800KV FPVCrate Edition motors spinning HQProp T4x2.5 biblades for an impressive 237g AUW. In test flights I'm getting 6+ min to storage voltage without a non-HV charge. I suspect you can easily get 8+ min with this setup under HV charge and bringing it down to low battery voltage. But living in a metropolitan area, the 5.8 noise profile is awful and the video feed as you can see in my video gets dangerously poor not even 1.5km out.

Ironically, that's the fun in long range that I never knew existed flying freestyle most of the time. You are so laser focused on your amp draw constantly making the most minor and subtle tweaks to throttle and pitch to maintain the most efficient flight. The views are incredible. The thought that any failure now could mean the permanent loss of the drone is ... palpable lol. It's just a totally different form of FPV altogether that is incredible in its own unique ways. I hope this build inspires some of you acro-only folks to give LR a try ...



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jasperfpv   Jun 22, 2021  

Great work man and looking forward to more sub 250g goodness from RoninUAV.

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