Mini-Q-Bit (MqB)

By Kstone on Jun 21, 2021

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I'm always on the look out for new and exciting things. Saw this awesome design is by Peter Ryseck and had to build one ...

MqB Website (New):

Can't say enough about how adding wings changes everything. Quad-Mode Flight times are around 3-6 minutes dependnt on LiPo and props. Bi-Plane mode effectively doubles the flight duration. For those wondering, yes the wings do provide signifigant lift. So much so that a slight breeze can send the MqB climbing rapidly despite the props being 100% horizontal. Please be aware that I'm still waiting on the video switching circuits and thus I've only 1 camera installed. Not really liking the current VTX antenna placement but it works and hasn't been chopped off yet so alls good right!

Thrust to Weight is aprox 7:1 @ 150 grams + LiPo (77g Tattu 650 mAh 95C)

Side Note: I'm working on a version of the MqB that uses 1S 18650 LiPo's. Should be along the same lines as Dave-C's LR-Nano Quad but with wings. If i can make it work, "should" be able to double the flight times. (Edit Just attached a photo showing the work for this)



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Jodie Froster   Jun 21, 2021  

Fascinating design, how is your camera mounted? It looks like it's resting on the standoffs in the 2 shots where we can see it, with the canopy off. I assume it's not screwed into the canopy, what with the magnetic canopy closure, and all that. Is it glued down? Is there some part of the bracket it's wearing that I can't see?

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Jodie Froster   Jun 23, 2021 

What I suggested does not involve rotating the canopy, and mounting your boards on the outside of your aircraft causes a host of problems :(

Black Labs   Jun 26, 2021 

@Jodie Froster - still offering unsolicited advice with zero builds on this site I see..........

Kstone   Jun 26, 2021 

@Black Labs

Knock it off! Last time i checked, anyone can post here so long as they"re civil. If you have something sour to say, use a PM like an adult.

WizzX   Jun 24, 2021  

wow, really interesting. what firmware are you running on? INAV? is there some mode/mix switching betwen vertical/horizontal flight or is just the same?

Kstone   Jun 24, 2021 

Betaflight works great here. If you watch some of Peters videos he goes into detail on how its setup.

#Sircrashalot   Jun 21, 2021  

I like it !!! please make a video...

Kstone   Jun 21, 2021 

Once i have the camera switcher I sure will!

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