Weemix Xplora Prototype V2 Digital Sub 250

By N4V1G4T0R on Aug 13, 2021

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This is a new version of the Weemix Xplora build. It's intended as a digital longrange with flight times above 10 Minutes and above 7 Minutes with a naked gopro. Flight times ofc depend on many things. The flying time here is acutal flying time I achieve until 3,6V cell voltage with smooth flying.

There are two types of backplates available at the moment: a solid thin one (14g) and a cut out thicker one (16g). The V2 of the Xplora frame is slightly longer making it comfortable to fit all the electronical parts under "the hood". Together with the rails it's about 20-22g for the carbon frame.

In this build FETTEC 1303.6 Motors are used to go with 3S 1100mAh LiPos (>10min flight time). After several hours of flight time, I can tell you, that they do not work well with this setup. It has a bad noise profile (osciallations). Ofc, the noise can be filtered, but it is still there and will eventually be visible in videos. Use 1404, if you have the choice. Check out my other builds with that frame for alternative motors.

In this setup a TBS Crossfire Diversity Reveiver, a BN180 GPS and the caddx vista is used. I do not recommend using the nebula because of the bad video quality. An DJI Airunit will not fit (and it's too heavy anyway).

Use any 4in1 ESC you like. Everything above 25A is fine unless you plan to torture your xplora with a brutal flying style. I used a HAKRC 8B35A which is an old blheli_s ESC. It does not really matter. With the blheli_L firmware you may still use RPM filtering. But use blheli_32 if you can. It's less trouble.

The tricky part is, to make a good VBAT connector. The xplora comes with a handy 3d model to fit the xt30 connector. You don't have to use that 3d printed part, but I do recommend it. I added some pictures on how to wire that thing up. Take care of the length and the angle when soldering. The build itself uses a conventional wiring, just for the matter of building speed.

You'll need some m2 screws at various length. I do recommend buing a big supply. There are not many standards and every build may need a slightls different length, depending on which components are used. 20mm is the max, then the rails are hit. So, whatever you do, you need a stack smaller than that.

Before you mount the Air Unit, decide if you want to use the VTX Antenne mount. The mount will be held be the same screws as the AU. All 3d models can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1wKhPKdHR5ccfBiLEgpcDWJE62ZQ6gESt. It is recommeded to use some small tpu (or alike) spacers to gain some space between AU and plate.

For the rails you will need small m3 screws and some 20mm standoffs. The v2 has improved mouting holes for more flexibilty and perfect protection of the cam.

This is first build with the Zeez F7v2 flight controller. It's a little of an overkill for this build. And it does require adapters, as it's designed for M3 screws. But it's one of the best FCs I know, good quality. And it has neat LED lights on the corners which can be programmed in betaflight, for example to show warnings. It has more than sufficient UARTS.

Remember to change the motor output, because of the upside down concept, the default motor mapping does not work here.

Tuning is quite easy, especially if you use Brian White's "Basement Tuning" method. Just remember, that there will be quite a difference between the pitch and the roll axes because of the asymmety.


Xplora Frame (Prototype)
Caddx Vista
FETtec Motor 1303.6 5555 KV (not recommended)
ZEETF7V2 stack
2 Blade Props (3" HQ Props T3X2GR-PC with 1.5mm Shaft)
M2 screws 20mm, 3mm, 6mm and lock nuts
M2 standoffs 20mm
3D printed parts (TPU)
Beitian BN-180 GPS
I use this build with 3S 1100mA


UART1: ESC (deactivated).
UART2: MSP/Air Unit
UART3: ----- (FREE)
UART4: Crossfire RX

resource BEEPER 1 B02
resource MOTOR 1 B04
resource MOTOR 2 B03
resource MOTOR 3 B07
resource MOTOR 4 B06

The PID's and filter settings I use

Use with care, it works for me (betaflight 4.2.9) but may not work for you. ;-)

profile 0
set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 0
set dterm_lowpass_type = BIQUAD
set dterm_lowpass_hz = 93
set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 0
set feedforward_transition = 100
set p_pitch = 92
set i_pitch = 50
set d_pitch = 71
set f_pitch = 48
set p_roll = 46
set i_roll = 50
set d_roll = 36
set f_roll = 45
set p_yaw = 90
set i_yaw = 100
set f_yaw = 45
set d_min_roll = 0
set d_min_pitch = 0
set idle_min_rpm = 36


Part List

Flight Controller

ZEEZ Desing FC
See Site


ZEEZ Desing FC
See Site


4 x FETtec Motor 1303.6

3D Printed

Xplora – Google Drive
See Site
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