Carnage 3.5in Caddx Polar

By Ikuiku on Aug 10, 2021

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So far I am really pleased with this build. It took me awhile and a couple of revsions to get the rear xt30/anenna/cap holder down. I wanted to keep is as light as I could while still keeping everying functional. This is the closest thing to a tookpick I've fown in the digial class. I've been enjoying it on the Pulse 650 4s battery over the Glacier 850 pack. I am getting 8+ min on a 850mah and about 5-6 min on a 650mah pack "freestyle". I was able to do 9:20 min flight on a 650mah pack infront of my house given that I was flying slower and less acro. The weight savings with the 650 makes the quad feel more nimble and packs more of a punch. I've had yet to try the GNB 520mah pack, but I am guessing it should yeild 3+ min given this is a very efficient build. Note if you are going to get this frame I wouldn't reccommend going smaller than 25mm on the standoffs. Depending on your AIO board you can maybe get away with 23mm standoffs.

Getting roughly 3.5 minuts on a 500/520 4s battery.

Lost 1.29g removed the m2 nuts under the stack and used smaller guage wire for the cap. Besides doing a naked vista there isn't much more weight I can save with out sacraficing function. Was hoping it was going to be more weight, but I will take what I can get.

I was getting a lot of jello on puch outs so I remixed some camera mounts to raise the camera 1mm higher so the camera wouldnt touch the bottom plate. Problem solved and the camera is adjustable now.

Made some arm guards. Added 2.12g but I think it's worth it to protect the single bottom plate.

Pulse 650mah 4s

Auline 500mah 4s



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JTR1   Apr 26, 2022  

Nice Build and design. How is the frame in 3mm ?

I'm hard on frame so I normally order 2 but I feel this one will be hard to break.

Ikuiku   Jul 15, 2022 

Sorry for the late reply, I only had a few minor crashes with the frame but it seems pretty solid for a 3mm frame.

Sub 250g FPV   Oct 20, 2021  

Great Build of my 3.5" Carnage Frame 😁👍, The Antenna/XT30/Cap print is a great addition - Thank You 🙏

Ikuiku   Oct 25, 2021 

Thanks! Looking forward for more of your frame designs to hit the market :)

FlyDaddyFPV   Aug 15, 2021  

link to STL ?

Found this frame a couple weeks ago and have ordered. Like the flexibility to try 3-3.5"

Moving from a phantom build (80g dry) to this frame on Apex 1303.6 motors.. est 130-140g AUW - hopfully the smaller motors can handle it!

nice build :)

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FlyDaddyFPV   Aug 15, 2021 

thanks for the link ;)

Ikuiku   Aug 15, 2021 

I just updated the file it was mirrored. So no the xt30 is in the right position.

Ikuiku   Aug 17, 2021 

I added some new camera mounts to the file on thingiverse. I was getting a lot of jello with the original camera mount.

OptimaZe   Aug 10, 2021  

Awesome! I have a 3.5" build in my very near future as well, and this build has inspired me to start putting a plan together.

Ikuiku   Aug 10, 2021 

Thanks! I am glad I gave someone some inspiration for a new build. I am really liking the efficiency of the 1404 3800kv motors.

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