2Fiddy 6s After Dark #18plus

By ExplodingEvo on Aug 24, 2021

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V2 update! The other 2fiddy with the fpvcycle 2104 motors is what I mainly fly. This quad is now my night flyer with the Polar Starlight camera.

When I saw the 2Fiddy series of videos, there was no doubt in my mind this was going to be a frame I was going to try. The motors, frame and battery were innovations which I appreciated and was excited to see. This frame and build did not disappoint except in one aspect.

As I explored motors in the 2004 size I found they were incredibly weak and broke in the most minor of crashes. Brotherhobby, Betafpv, Lumenier and even the Ummagawd Aerolites were all constantly breaking. I've broken probably 12 2004 motors which became incredbly costly until I found the Newbeedrone Flow 2004 motors. The difference here was the screw in the bottom of the motor shaft which provided incredible durability. Did it add a bit of weight? Yeah, but AUW I'm 238g (with TPU arm protectors and Tracer antenna mounts). Got the arm protector, tracer mount 3d prints at Brain3d

Edit 8/28:
I got 4mm countersunk hex screws off amazon and uxcell Fluorine Rubber O Rings, 4mm OD, 2mm Inner Diameter, 1mm Width. It's pretty much eliminated camera shake which I experience a lot at full throttle. The longer screw has better bite on the nebula pro/polar vista cams also.

I rebuilt the quad with a new antenna (iflight something something purple) and expressLRS! Thanks to BrandonRC (on Youtube) for providing a tutorial on flashing Ghost hardware (lite TX for my Tango 2 and atto receivers). I also put an iflight BEC for the Vista because I recently had a vista scare on my 5" Apex. I was powering it off the battery lead and thought I fried it, but it was ok. Anyway, I'm powering my vistas from a BEC from now on. My changes dropped 3g off the weight of the quad. No noticable difference in video range.



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alwaysbless   Aug 31, 2021  

If you use tri blade props youll have much better luck with your motors.

ExplodingEvo   Sep 01, 2021 

Getting the Newbeedrone flow motors fixed everything. Actually the 2Fiddy is too light to use tri blade 5in props, it flies really poorly because it has so much thrust, no weight and increased drag. That being said, I've broken motors crashing upright and flat on the ground with tri blade motors. It was the motor construction more than anything else that was the problem. I've put the Newbeedrone flow motors into curbs, trees, parking lots, the swingset in my backyard (learning to knife edge it) and they've survived! One has a semi noisy bearing I replaced, but they didn't lock up the way the Brotherhobby, Aerolites, Lumenier, and Betafpv motors would in crashes. I have 3 2Fiddy quads up and running and usually fly like 3-6 packs a day (it's been super hot here so been flying less.)

alwaysbless   Sep 01, 2021 

Been flying BH VY 2004s for quite a while on an ultralight 5 and still have yet to break one. 5" sub 250g in general are just a big compromise you want a full sized quad with reduced weight but the thrust ratio makes em feel floaty so you have to add more weight which put you outside of 250g LOL. They are kinda dumb tbh. 4" sub 250g will produce less thrust from smaller props and let you use a battery that doesnt make it feel so floaty while still staying under 250g.

ExplodingEvo   Sep 01, 2021 

Yeah I made a 4" 2Fiddy I guess I should post that one up. It is under 250g with an insta360 go 2. But what I hate are the lack of good 4" prop choices. However with the 5", the way you combat floatiness is to stay in the throttle longer. If you fly the 2Fiddy as is, you'll get use to "making it go" instead of "hanging there".

Re BH, I have like 6 broken Brotherhobby YV 2004s. I had a crash where I landed right side up and 3 of the motors are no good. The newbeedrone flow motors (and the stanfpv 2203 motors) have a screw through the bottom which give stiffness overall. I'd say if I broke 1 or 2 I had back luck, but I've flown them very hard on an Apex Micro 4" and Rekon 5. The last crash, my friend was flying and a prop blew up (prop screws were still in it), and one motor was bad.

Once I have 3 left, I'll swap to stanfpv 2203 motors on the Rekon. Actually I'm thinking of going back to 4" for long range and put 1804 or 2004 motors on a 4". my 4" apex runs xnova 1804s 1900kv

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