2Fiddy PB&J Ultralight Freestyle 6s

By ExplodingEvo on Aug 24, 2021

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v3 Update! FPVCycle released 2104 1620kv motors with a 3-5mm prop shaft. They're lighter and have a bigger stator than the 2203.5 motors! Super stoked but I hate the color lol. I really hope someone else makes 2104s like these soon.

Update! For T-motor 2203/2203.5 motors the KV options are unfortunately from1500 to 2850 with really nothing in between, but I've swapped to the 2850kvs on my 2Fiddy and run them at a 69% motor output limit (hehe). I know Mamba has some motors that might work, but they're 2g heavier each. Weight is at the max so I can't give up any more grams on motors if I want to stay sub250g and use bigger packs. However, I have way more speed and have also changed to PB&J Biblades. GNB has put out a 530mah 6s HV battery which also is sub250g with a Nebula Pro cam all up. The quad is super responsive and you don't really lose torque due to how light the quad is, but you gain the option for a whole lot of speed. I hope T-motor will put out a wider range of KVs (1750 would be the sweet spot imo). StanFPV motors live on my Rekon 5 which I guess I should add to my builds here.

I fell in love when I realized there was a new thing for quads, and that was ztag. Quad laser tag has been so much fun. one of the things that we do along with an LED board is running LED props. It just helps us spot each other that much easier and looks way cooler especially for people that are watching. When I moved to the 2Fiddy as the main drone I flew, I was bummed I couldn't find good motors to run 5" props and stay sub250g. After lots of searching I found StanFPV and his 2203 1500kv motors. These changed the game for me, and while it's not really ideal to run 5" normal props at this weight, it's so much fun :D I ordered some PB&J biblade props to try out on this later on but just having fun with this build and might turn this into a LR build later on. Dry weight (with the Nebula pro camera) is 184. flight time isn't as great currently wtih triblades and I tried out 24khz but that really poops out the battery as well so I'll be going back to 48khz and looking to tune things up a bit.

These motors are awesome, and this frame is hilariously fun. I currently have a fleet of 4 2Fiddys (3 5" 1 4") and will put some details up once I make a few changes.

Maiden flight

LED Props!



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Mr_Stripes   Dec 10, 2021  

How are the 2104 vs 2004? I am probably gonna use thos motors when I build a 5 inch cuz I want to be able to use any 5 inch prop not just the weak t mount ones.

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ExplodingEvo   Dec 11, 2021 

Was thinking of that 16mm for a 3.5in or 4in 2Fiddy but I don't like the KV. My 4in 2fiddy has 1804s but 4in tmount props suck. Check the NBD deals they have 8 2004 motors for like $79 so $10 apiece. They're hardcore in durability, and look nice too.

Mr_Stripes   Dec 11, 2021 

Thats what motor output scaling is for! I'll check out the NBD motors, thanks for the heads up.

ExplodingEvo   Dec 12, 2021 

Yeah I ran the 2203.5s at like 60% just would like the efficiency of lower kv, physically it just requires more amps than a lower kv. But more options appear every day!

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