MOONGOAT (green)

By swg_fpv on Aug 25, 2021

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Would be interested in honest opinions in the comments! This was a super fun build - albeit a bit fiddle-some - where every components complimented eachother very well. As per usual, I'll be popping my opinions in here so you can get an idea about quality etc.

This was a client build, and so if you are interested in getting anything done by me in the future, feel free to contact me. I can't cater to anyone outside of the UK, unfortunately, but can give advice every so often if I have a bit of spare time.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts:

Moongoat: It's a brilliant frame. I'm impressed with the stiffness, freedom of mounting solutions, and even cost. $99 isn't cheap, but on a $300 build an extra $50 won't make much difference. A caddx vista will just about stretch from front to rear on the standard cable, and can comfortably be moved around thanks to the non-fixed mounting holes; you can slide stacks around on rail-like slots. Super handy! Only downsides? Minimal places to mount antennas, and a requirement is 3d printed parts for VTX antenna mounting.

RCinpower Wasp Major: 22.6-6.5? That's an odd size. It's smaller and lighter than basically any 2207 or 2306... but it has more power and a larger stator by far! Impressive. Whether you think of it as a stocky 2206, a pressed-down 2207, or a squeezed 2306, it sure has amazing build quality (as you'd expect at £22 a pop) and they look fantastic. A clear winner in the premium motor category.

Hobbywing 40a 20mm: Nice little ESC. I hate how it's pre soldered and wish they wouldn't cover it with heat shrink and silicone. It's not bad soldering, and suitable for 90% of people, but if you're as fussy as me about colour coding, red on a grey and green build isn't going to cut it. Super design though, and super heat disipation. One of the best 20mm ESCs around.

Zeez F7(22) 2020 v2: Incredible. It's as tight as they come, but the functionality, the use of space, the amount of uarts... it's unheard of on a 20mm board. Again, you pay for this functionality, yet it's so premium that it's worth it. Just wish they'd fix the wiring diagram to be a bit less art-sy and a bit more practical.

Caddx Vista/polar: It's a vista. It's great.

Tracer nano RX (and Mambo): These are some really cool products. TL;DR is that they both save cost where necessary, but pile on so much good stuff where you want it. Diversity on a £19 FLRC receiver? That's nuts. 1w on a £99 transmitter? Crazy! The mambo is the best budget transmitter around, and the Tracer nano RX is a fitting companion to it. Would highly recommend, as a Crossfire and ELRS user, getting this.

Buzzer and GPS are great. Buzzers are all annoying to set up so I'm not going to get started on that.



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whtsnanam   Feb 20, 2023  

Great build. Do you have the print available for the gps mount?

swg_fpv   Mar 11, 2023 

I'm really sorry, but I can't find it. I have just looked - apologies!

Madcatmike3d   May 21, 2022  

Super clean Moongoat build! I was curious how this esc is holding up on a full 5" on 6s?? I would imagine just fine. I've gotten into a habit of running way over spec'd esc's for my builds, and in these days of ridiculous priced electronics (and no electronics..) I'm wondering how a 40a 4in1 is holding up. I think joshua bardwell put that idea in my head, because he has talked about how he doesn't trust 20x20 esc's for full on 5" builds.. I don't know, but I think he kind of didn't stay up to date with the esc tech for awhile there. Until he came across the redux air 20x20's, and then started talking about 20mm esc's on 5" builds. But yea, I have been in the habit of running freaking 50a-60a sometimes 65a esc's on my 5" 6s builds, and I can't continue to build like that lol. Not when they're $100 for an esc! Thanks for any feedback!

swg_fpv   May 22, 2022 

Are well this was built for a client, and although I cannot personally comment on durability, he's been running this drone on 6s, roughly 20-30 packs/6 weeks and flying hard for almost... Wow I can't believe it's already been 9 months! Only issue he's had is a motor that got damaged after a very heavy crash, but really, The drone is holding up like a tank from what I can tell.

Likewise, I need to cut on build costs. I'm thinking for future builds I might start using some less overkill components like I did to an extent on this one, because it makes it so much better for both the buyer and me.

Thanks for the interest - I hope you like the build :)

Madcatmike3d   May 22, 2022 

I agree! I'll probably be doing the same. And yes, I love the build! It's Very clean! Thank you for sharing it!!

swg_fpv   May 23, 2022 


Tanja   Sep 02, 2021  

Somehow I keep randomly ending up back on your builds dude lol. They are so my style!

swg_fpv   Sep 03, 2021 

Thanks! I'm glad you like them :D

Currently   Aug 25, 2021  

I love this built, it's so clean! I am curious why you left so much motor wire off the ESC. You aren't worried about it getting it caught on a branch in a crash?

swg_fpv   Aug 25, 2021 

Thankfully it's super stiff and doesn't overhang the top plate too much; the motor wires I guess were to add some colour as the frame makes everything look a bit bland in a way - well - if you're not using black motors! Just needed a bit of, for lack of a better word, sophistication! Cheers and glad you like it :D

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