GEPRC CineLog 30 HD Caddx Polar - Naked GoPro

By wrong17 on Sep 12, 2021

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More details coming soon!!!

The price of the CineLog 25 and 30 frame kit is very similar, it is only $3 more for the CineLog $30. But it seems like you get a lot more for those 3 extra dollars. Not only is the carbon fiber frame thicker but you all get 2 spare props guards and an extra set of foam bumpers.

After building the CineLog 25, the 30 seems to be a lot easier to build. The basic layout is identical to the 25 but 30 is bigger. It felt like I has a lot more room to work with and everything fit exactly where I put it. For example, with the 25 I initially placed the capacitor right behind the rear standoff, but it was a tad too big, and the prop guards would hit it. With the 30, I was able to put the capacitor in front of the standoff and the same goes with the Crossfire Nano RX.

3D Prints
Other than the Immortal T holder, the FPV camera mount and Naked Gopro holder are the same as the 25. I remixed the Immortal T holder so it will fit on the CineLog 30 frame too. You can find the Thingiverse links before in the build details.

I redesigned the naked GoPro mount so it is fixed, because I did not like how it could move if I hit something. It is usually not a problem, but I has happen a few times where I clipped something with the GoPro and it pushed the camera where it pointed up to the sky. Plus, now I know the camera will not move and I lost a little bit of weight too (1.2g).

Initial Thoughts
Right off the bat, I knew this build will have some flaws in comparison to the existing cinewhoop style quads that I already have because of the weight. I am not sure if I can reduce the weight anymore, other than de-casing the Caddx Vista and using a Nebula Pro. The other cinewhoop (Turtle 149 frame) that I built only weighs 149g whereas this quad is 170g. I am not really concern about hitting the 250g mark but the extra 20g is noticeable in both the flight characteristics and noise.

I tried the GEPRC PIDs and some other cutoms PIDs and I did not much of a difference other than the higher motor temps with my custom tune.



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