By hscsd on Oct 22, 2021

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Weighs around a kilo (660g + 240g) and way more(600g) with 6S2P Li-Ions but that will enable 30min of sunday touring.


Part List


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Flight Controller

MAMBA MASTER F722 MK3 65A 6S 32Bit 96K Stack 30.5mm/M3


NIN 2806.5 V2 CINEMATIC FPV MOTOR 1350KV / 1750KV ( GOLD ) (2 builds)


Dalprop Fold Series 7" Folding Propellers Smooth DIY FPV Prop Compatible POPO for FPV Racing RC Drone

FPV Camera

DJI FPV Air Unit Digital 5.8Ghz 1080p/60fps 28ms/4km HD Recording FPV Transmitter Camera Combo for FPV Racing Drone RC Airplane (242 builds)


2 x VAS 868Mhz Mini Receiver Antenna (U.FL)


TBS Crossfire Diversity Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (82 builds)


Beitian BN-880Q GPS+GLONASS Dual GPS Antenna Module FLASH TTL Level 9600bps for FPV Airplane RC Racing Drone


TBS Graphene 380mah 1s HV


TBS Graphene 1300mAh 6S 75C 22.2V (3 builds)


12 x Test of Molicel INR18650-P26A 2600mAh (Gray)
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Power Distribution

6S ESC Capacitor 1000uF


TBS Tango 2 - FPV RC Radio Drone Controller (20 builds)


DJI FPV Goggles V2 (138 builds)

Misc Parts

WS2812B LED Strip

Misc Parts

Finder V1.0 SE w/ 2PCS LED 2PCS BB Ring 100dB Buzzer for FLYWOO Explorer LR Long Range RC Drone

Battery Charger

ISDT H605 Air 50W 5A DC 2-6S (App Controlled)
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Andrea Botti   19 days ago  

How is the range with the stock dji antennas mounted this way? I always thought they had to be close to vertical for the best range possible.

hscsd   19 days ago 

Flywoo mr.croc 5-7" does it like this and they apparently aren't concerned. Chris Rosser himself (the designer of the frame) also suggests to install the antennae like so. Also DJI uses some kind of diversity system so when the drone itself is blocking the signal it switches over to the other antenna.

Andrea Botti   17 days ago 

I know Chris Rosser mounts the antennas this way, but it seems to me his build is more freestyle oriented and so he doesn't need the best signal, whereas a long range build needs the best possible orientation. I was wondering how far you got

hscsd   14 days ago 

13.4Km is the hard limit of the system and unless you have something blocking the line of sight and are ignoring local regulation that's what you will get.

Thengine   Oct 29, 2021  

Whats the weight of the build without the batteries?

hscsd   Oct 29, 2021 

I added some LEDs and now it weighs 660g without the battery which is 240g.

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