Zohd Dart HD86 iNav

By SD_AE86 on Oct 24, 2021

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My Budget Mid Range Fixed wing FPV build
Zohd Dart 250g PNP
Caddx Vista with Nebula Nano Camera
TBS Crossfire nano
4s 850mah 100c lipo (Gemfan Hurrian 3052 props)
2S Lion 3500mah (HQ 5x5x2 props)
Mad Components 1407 3700kv motor
Matek F411 Wse FC
Beitian 220 GPS

Designed an aero Antenna mount, micro camera mount & printed some air inlets for vista. Made PLA ballast box for the rear compartment to add a couple of tire/wheel weights to even out Center of gravity weight when running LION 2s or 3s batteries. Printed a 30x30 to 20x20 fc adapter and epoxied it to airframe to mount the caddx vista system.

I was running the Kopilot FC l, that was super simple to setup but you wont have OSD info on the dji fpv system and I endedup destroying my first dart with the sketchy "autolaunch" feature on this fc... needless to say 60% of the time, it works all the time.
So I switched to a cheap Matek F411 WSE flight controller and am running INAV firmware with GPS & mission planning..the auto launch feature on INAV works 100%, even if your friends throw this wing like 5 year old school girl. Leave it in RTH or Loiter mode, sip some coffee, take a dump, and you can take the sticks when your ready.

With only 2 UARTs on this FC you will have to use soft serial to get OSD in your goggles by reassigning the LED & ST1 pins as Softserial RX & TX pads to connect to vista. You will have to flash this FC with the F411 WSE FD sft serial hex file for this to work.

Rewired the stock esc and paired it with a mad components 1407 3700kv motors & tried geprc speedx 1408 3500kv.

On 2s 3500mah lion pack & 5" prop this is a slow cruiser with the VTX blasting at 1200mw flight times were about half an hour, with plenty of battery life left... I imagine about just under an hour total time... but was already exhausted after burning circles in the sky.
If your hot dogging, a small 4s 850 lipo with the 3" prop this thing moves faster than your chunky uncle at free buffet.

To secure the lipos in place i used Industrial grade velcro on the batteries & frame along with Guncase foam stuffed on each side to mitigate wiggle & shifting.

2S Lion = 305g
3s 520 = 241g
4s 850 = 298g

more of my builds on IG: follow SD_AE86



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-X3-   Oct 25, 2021  

Wait, you can remap resources on Inav ?!

SD_AE86   Oct 25, 2021 

No, still cant remap in inav but if you flash the f411 with this target, the resources for LED & ST1 pads have been changed. However you lose functionality to use LEDs


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