Brushless micro

By aliimam on Mar 08, 2017

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So, this all started because I got a free bluejayrc F4 mini 20x20 FC from blckmn (developer of bluejay). Now that I had a 20x20, I needed a rig for it to go in, that plus my whoop dying for the 4th time it was time to upgrade.

used a few 3d printed spacers, motor dampeners and for final touch - acrylic conformal coating all around. Guts are completely transferable if need be, but I'm liking the frame right now.

49g AUW without battery, but with guard. 2S batt is 23g, 3S batt is 41g, so FULL weight with battery is ~90g on 3S.

Newest incarnation has gotten rid of the guard (flys better), moved to the 1g camera and hot glue method, while retaining the TX03.



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morsha   Jul 26, 2017  

Another question, what PID setting did you use? The stock PIDs? Mine flies great and is very similar to your setting, but since I´m kind of newbie, I would not yet make rolls or anything.

aliimam   Sep 05, 2017 

sorry for the late response. I do not use the stock pids, my D's are waaay down from stock. the P's are about the same, but a few points lower.

morsha   May 30, 2017  

how long do you fly on 450mah? they seem to weight a little more than turnigy´s. Do you feel any performance donwsides on the tattus?

aliimam   Jun 06, 2017 

generally around 3 mins for me. I have a set of hyperion g50 batteries too, and the tattu's have more punch to them.

Whiffles   Mar 08, 2017  

How about the Hoverbot?

aliimam   Mar 08, 2017 

I actually ordered a hoverbot, but found out mounting holes are rigid 8.5mm for the racerstar1103... the frame is already light and thin, so sanding the holes out to 9mm for 1102,1104 or 1105 might weaken the frame too much.

aliimam   Mar 08, 2017 

@whiffles - Just got a note from the hoverbot folks - looks like the next batch are compatible with 9mm pattern, so might be workable

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