3D printed 85mm whoop

By Aria on Nov 19, 2021

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This 3D printed 85mm whoop build is inspired by Georg Oberleitner, who is also a pilot joining IGOW3.
I was a bit tired of my Tinyhawks and Mobula7 and wanted to try something new for IGOW3, so I asked for recommendations in IGOW fb group, Georg left a comment witha link to his 3d printed 85mm frame.

I was really interested in this 3d printed frame because back at that time, I didn't have a 85mm plastic frame with me and the 85mm frame available in the market doesn't fit my 1-2s aio well. So I decided to give this 3D printed frame a go. My friend has changed the frame design a bit to make it has more decent room to fit my 1-2s aio board. And he also made different size battery trays because some of my 2s batteries puff and it's hard to squeeze the oversized 2s battery to a battery tray that's intended to hold a normal 2s battery.

The overall weight (59g) of this build is overwhelmingly heavy compared to the shutterbug85 build, I didn't put much hope on this quad at the beginning. BUT, after I flew it in real life. I was soooo surprised by its performance. This quad gets so much power! I could dive the building. do matty flips, split-s all those freestyle tricks easily with this heavy monster.

The only downside of this quad is the frame tends to break if it has a hard crash. So I highly recommend you printing more frames in one time in case the frame is broken.

You can download the files of my 3d printed 85mm frame via the link below.

Some flight footage from this 3d printed 85mm whoop



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Mr_Stripes   11 days ago  

Im pretty sure that the antenna is broken on ur vtx. That would explain the horrible range and breakup.

Aria   4 days ago 

Antenna on my vtx is not good indeed because this quad had so many hard crashes.

Mr_Stripes   3 days ago 

there is literally no antenna...
solder on a new one and video range will be good again.

OptimaZe   11 days ago  

Very cool!

Aria   4 days ago 

Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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