Cinemah Black Lotus 6s

By ExplodingEvo on Nov 29, 2021

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“Simplify, then add lightness” Colin Chapman's philosophy at Lotus is something I take to heart on race tracks and... with quads. Not gonna say that I was looking at the Cinemah before Nurk put out his video (was it Nurk?), but I had already ordered one and then I found out people were asking a buddy of mine at NBD tons of questions around the Cinemah frame because of his video. The frame is on par with Catalyst Machineworks crazy lock nut shenannigans, but it's light AF and I couldn't believe how much lighter it was than my slammed squirt.


  • Light
  • Supports NBD


  • Carbon fiber edges exposed so durability is suspect.
  • Expensive

I've ordered new FPVCycle motors for my 2Fiddy and Micro Apex 5in builds so I pulled a set of the T-Motor 2203.5 2850kvs off the Apex to build this. I had my last F7 Beast AIO in reserve to brains and brawn this build and the Nazgul 3040 props are a favorite of mine.

It's ~125g lighter than my slammed squirt without its gopro mount. But it serves the same purpose. Lighter is always better, but I will say, I'm going to have to put some electrical tape along the bottom middle skids. I can see landing on anything other than something soft is going to splinter that carbon fiber before too long. I normally bring a folding camp chair and plop my quad into that whenever I land to keep damage to a minimum when there's concrete around. We'll see how it fares in a crash, but the other downside is, I didn't see a way to order individual parts for spares. I'm sure if you contact NBD they'll hook you up though. Oh I tried Gemfan props at first. They're stupid loud. The Nazgul props were much quieter. I might try 5 blade props, but you don't need the extra lift.



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MartinBKLYN   Dec 04, 2021  
ExplodingEvo   Dec 06, 2021 

I agree

Jelmer Hemstra   Nov 30, 2021  

whats the auw with battery and gopro fully mounted?

ExplodingEvo   Nov 30, 2021 

~480 with a 1050mah 6s tattu and full Hero 8. I'm using an iflight USB to Balance lead cable to ditch the gopro hero 8 battery. I mean you could use a naked gopro or insta360 go 2 and a smaller battery and come in lighter if you needed and still have a good flight time. I've been to lazy to strip one of my Hero 8 cameras. With a gopro running my tiny whoop course (quickly and carefully) in the backyard I'm getting around 5 1/2 minutes of flight time.

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