AOS 35 Made with Science! 6s Powered!

By ExplodingEvo on Dec 06, 2021

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I'm obsessed with tiny drones. They're cute. They're light. They're easy to fly anywhere. And 3.5" has been kind of the latest trend in sub250g freestyle fpv. Chris Rosser says it's the best platform due to math reasons and has a graph and everything.

But why is science so ugly? Also why are these Standoffs in the worst places ever? I rotated the flight controller around, but it's blocked at every turn. This frame has a few things I like to have in most of my builds

  1. It's lightweight (although heavier than I thought it was going to be)
  2. It supports an AIO and vista
  3. It has replacable arms (Hard to find below 4").

I started with a stripped DJI Camera, but a small quad like this will most likely be flown at night (especially since it's dark at 5:30pm now). It's nice and quiet; perfect for stealth diving buildings. I flew it last night for the first time alongside the 2Fiddy and it definitely is faster (the 1404 2850kv motors are running a 90% output limit) but it sucks down battery hardcore. I'm debating on limiting the KV further or going to a lower pitch prop (Gemfan and HQ make a 3520)

I'd prefer if the frame weighed about 10g less, my ideal target 3.5" dry weight is 135g. It flies ok, but not as good as the 2Fiddy imo. But I have room for a bigger battery and an action cam. I'm saving around 32g from the 2Fiddy so I could use 3g for a camera mount and 27g for my insta360 go 2 with the 530mah 6s GNB packs and be under 250g.



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Madcatmike3d   Dec 08, 2021  

Nice!!! I've been hooked on my 6s 2fiddy 4" quads lately. It's just a killer platform. Very nice build though!!!

ExplodingEvo   Dec 08, 2021 

I fly the 2Fiddy as my main also, love that platform, I really wish Tommy would release 3.5in arms for that frame. Check my builds I run Fpvcycle 2104s and full size props. My "night" 2Fiddy uses 2004 motors although I'm about to swap it over to 2104s also so I can use LED props on it.

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