CatAV-X (March 2017)

By Catseyeguy on Mar 09, 2017

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This is the next iteration of my main quad, this time on a QAV-X. I switched from the QAV-R to an SCX-200 because I wanted a smaller form factor, but I switched from that too after a while because I hated that it took 5 minutes to cram everything inside and get the top plate on every time something came loose. This frame has been great so far though. I talk about this quad as if it's an evolution of the last one, but actually, all of the parts are different.

Last time I checked it was 343g dry, 490g with a battery, and 563g with a battery and Hero 5 Session.

Yes, I know it's dirty in the pictures and probably has a a bent prop or two, but that's just how it looks most of the time!
Anyway, thanks for checking out this build and enjoy the pics!




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