3.5" sub 250 ZIPPY

By kabon on Dec 13, 2021

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A recent 3.5 inch build with caddx vista and 1504.5 motors, slightly bigger compaired to those using 1404 on the bnf market. Runs on betaflight 4.3 with bluejay bidirectional esc firmware, test hovered and shows no signs of magic smoke coming out!

Zip tie all the way! Two zip tie and small piece of double sided tap then bang, simple vista mounting solution.
Replaced the stock ep1 antenna with betafpv one. Feels a whole lot better. Antenna itself is just like the shrink down version of crossfire tx antenna, stiff and sturdy.

AUW is 236g with 81g 750mah 4s lipo, just below that sweet 250g line.



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drakkkooo   Dec 27, 2021  


juliett.papa   Dec 16, 2021  

Wow! Very nice and clean build. What type of frame is this?

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juliett.papa   Dec 17, 2021 

THNX. Looks a bit like the 2 Fiddy. I couldn't find it at BG or Ali. Is the online retailer operating internationally?

kabon   Dec 18, 2021 

Yea, after giving 2fiddy a closer look, this frame must have been inspired by 2fiddy in some way. As for where to by this, I bought that frame on Taobao, which seems not friendly for foreign customers.

Madcatmike3d   Dec 20, 2021 

Lol, its funny you say that! I was actually looking at your pictures up close, and was thinking that even though it does look a lot like a 2fiddy, it has some attributes that are different, and I like them! Yours has a split bottom plate, and the 2fiddy has a single bottom plate. I like the split bottom plate more. It might weigh a little bit more than the 2fiddy, but the 250g "limit" means absolutely nothing to me. I don't know how good the carbon is, or if it's better or worse than the 2fiddy, but if the carbon is as good or better, I think I would actually prefer the frame you're running! All else considered, I like your build a lot!!

Madcatmike3d   Dec 19, 2021  

That wasn't just inspired by the 2Fiddy, That's a near exact clone.

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