Tiny Whoops

By Catseyeguy on Mar 09, 2017

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I've been wanting to build an extra small brushless quad for a while now, but it's just been too expensive. As it turns out, I just needed to look a little smaller. This frame is awesome (though a little frustrating to take apart). Because of it's size and bumpers, it reminds me of a Tiny Whoop without the lack of power.

Enjoy the build!



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MrCookie   Jan 23, 2018  

Any chance you'll do a vid sometime? Kinda curious how much omph this has with a 2S! :)

Catseyeguy   Mar 14, 2018 

I'm so sorry I forgot to reply earlier! Just slipped my mind and I just came back to check my alerts and remembered. Unfortunately this build has been long since scrapped, but it was fun while it lived. This is the closest thing to a video of it (new ESCs . 1104 motors, etc) so it doesn't quite capture the "TinyWhoop-ness" of the original

. I've just finished an XHover Win 2 build, so I may be posting that soon. I loved the Hoverbot frame but it was just too small to go properly extreme. However, if I ever need an inside flyer (possibly for winter) I would love to build another one.

Whiffles   Mar 10, 2017  

Looks great! How difficult was it to solder all those tiny wires?

Catseyeguy   Mar 10, 2017 

Thanks! It actually the soldering itself wasn't much of an issue (except on those tiny motors wires where I had to scrape off the enamel and stuff), it was mostly just getting the wires to fit. I ended up having to de/resolder the wires one each ESC so they could press up closer to the corners of the stack. Things really start to get crowded when you go this small

solaireFPV   Mar 21, 2017 

The enamel sucks! I'm going to upgrade to some DYS motors sooooon. 10000kv whoooo!

How are those props btw

Catseyeguy   Mar 23, 2017 

Yeah it was a pain to make sure I didn't accidentally cut the wire itself. The props give me plenty of power but they are pretty loud, I'm looking forward to printing a cutter so I can try out the apparently quieter cut down ones.

Have fun with your motors! Amazing how brushless is able to compete with brushed now in terms of size

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