Vandal Inertia 4

By Darylk on Dec 13, 2021

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This came from Armatan. Its a Vandal Inertia 4 inch. The frame was 28 grams alone with hardware. I had this sitting on my desk about the same time I saw the new Karearea 2004 motors came out. Wonderful motors. I had really good success with the new fettec 35a aio board in a Apex micro 3 inch build so I put one in this. Wow. Its smooth with rediculous power. The motors make sweet howling banshee love songs. I used titanium m2 x 6mm for almost everything. Bought me about 8 grams. Its 155 as it sits with nebua nano camera and I used an RSXr RX. Not a lot of extra room in this one. 25mm standoffs bought me a little space for easo of changing battery strap. All in all the build was easy. Took a few weeks to get the frame. If I did it again I may get the thicker bottomm plate oiption. Frames came with no hardware FYI. I run this on a 75 gram 6s GNB battery on xt30 plug, its 530mah. Better battery is the Zeee 650mah 6s at 103grams graphene. Its a powerhouse and makes much more torque. The cpacitor was hard to find a space for so I found a 3d print for a larger capacitor and scaled it down to the diameter of the cap that came with the FC and used 3m vhb tape to stick it to the side of the vista.

From my phone watchinng my friend fly it:

This thing really is forming up to be one of my facorites

2022 edit

Crashed hard in November of 2021. Frame, motors, vista and flight controller all done. Ordered 5 inch version of same frame at same time as ordering 4 inch pictured. Will testflight this weekend before posting changes here.



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__redruM   Dec 23, 2021  

Are you using default PIDs or do you have a good tune for this build? I built the same FC and 2004 motors into a 2fiddy frame, and default flys pretty good, and the golden starting point is even a little better, but these are tunes for much heavier quads and I'm curious if there's better numbers for this FC and motors.

Darylk   Dec 24, 2021 

I am using default pids. Well, I aim for default and save but custom always shows up after saving. I did flash to the firmware ending in L. I have an Impulse RC APex Micro 3 with same FC also on default and its night and day between the two. The Apex with battery is 311 grams. With Zeee 650mah 6s this one is about 262.7 grams. Its a 120c and it just seems right although its above my rule of no more than 60 percent craft weight in battery. Apex feels much slower in rates but its not flashed up to the L firmware. I think its still on J. Thinking that there are differences... This thing feels like flying a light feather. Hard to keep down in altitude. Amazing power. On the 3 inch I have brother TC2004's. I was thinking about changing up the pids on the 3 inch but this thing is close to being in my scope of ideal. Not saying I wouldnt try anything else. I would experiment but its all white stuff (snow) on the ground where I live and it may take me a month or two to get a warm day opportunity. Being that limited I dont have the test and tune opportunities based on climate in northeast right now.

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