Evo 30

By Jelmer Hemstra on Dec 21, 2021

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this is the evo 30
it's a 3 inch light weight cinewhoop built on a alfarc cineboy frame without the ducts and without the foam.
Ful weight with 1300 battery = 540 gram

if u want i can send you the 3d files just ask :)



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copterlord   Dec 01, 2022  

hey bro, nice build is it possible to fit a d90 prop inside?. can you please mail me the stl files my emailid is ramkethar@gmail.com .thanks

sas17   Sep 05, 2022  

Hi there,can you please send me the stl for the build.

Also was wondering hows your flight time like and also did you use any tune on the quad?

sas17   Sep 08, 2022 

sorry ,forgot to have my email address, sd8taylors@gmail.com

yves1984   Mar 29, 2022  

hi there. can u also send me the stl of the balance mount? y.bruederli@bluewin.ch
want to build something similar :-)

Jelmer Hemstra   Apr 15, 2022 

i sent them to you (all the files

PictureElement   Jan 27, 2022  

Hi Jemler.

I have a heavy 3 inch quad (AUW 504g) without prop guards that I use mainly for cinematic shots. I use 1507/3800KV motors and I get around 5-6 minutes of flight time with a 1300 mAh battery.

What flight time and performance to except when I upgrade to 2004/3000KV motors?

Jelmer Hemstra   Feb 03, 2022 

same flight time ithink but imo the low end flight performance is highly improved

PictureElement   Jan 19, 2022  

Amazing and neat build. Could you please share your STL files? My email is marios.sofokleous@yandex.com

djeusebio28   Dec 26, 2021  

may i also know the weight of the drone only? excluding the lipo and gopro.

Jelmer Hemstra   Dec 28, 2021 

275 grams

djeusebio28   Dec 29, 2021 

i think this is quite heavy without the lipo and the gopro.

Jelmer Hemstra   Dec 30, 2021 

yeah but that is because i used a 30x 30stack

djeusebio28   Dec 26, 2021  

Hi love this build. could you send the stl files please. will also build this one 😁

Jelmer Hemstra   Dec 28, 2021 

thanks, how should i send them?

djeusebio28   Dec 29, 2021 

thanks. here on my email please. daryleusebio28@gmail.com

Jodie Froster   Dec 21, 2021  

I love the balance lead connector and xt60 mounts, those look so clean!

Jelmer Hemstra   Dec 28, 2021 


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