Micro Talon Sub 250G

By Rainy April FPV on Jan 06, 2022

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Hello Everyone,
This is my First ever FPV fixed wing and only my second FPV drone ever, my other being a little 5inch

Build Notes-
Building inside the ZOHD talon 250G was super simple. Large battery bay for larger Lithium-ion batteries. There was plenty of room for a larger Flight controller, but I went with the Matek-F411-WSE as it had everything I needed, and I was trying to get this build under 250 grams while still having a fully functional autopilot.

The Matek board itself was great, nicely spaced out soldering pads, felt great for a beginner like me. 2 UARTS for a GPS and a Reciever. 6 signal outputs 2 for motors and 4 aux for servoes or camera pan servoes. Plus an osd for useful information needed for those long-range missions. The best part of all is we can put INAV on this.

As for the servoes, ESC and motor, its the stock ones from the PNP kit of the Talon 250g from ZOHD. The ESC is 30A rated, and I have never been able to pull more than 15A at full throttle. Servoes are Servoes, nothing special, but they work, and they are quick to respond. The motor is a SunnySky 1406 2600kv. For 3s they recommend a 3blade 3inch prop, but I like the 4inch 2 blade prop as it gives a little extra top end for those quick throttle punches for whatever reason and lower throttle cruising.

The video system consists of a Foxeer Razer Micro in 4:3, and in all honestly, this is a great camera from what I have seen. Lightweight and has clear video, I might have to put one on my 5inch quad. The VTX is a Rush FPV Tank II Ultimate that can go from 25MW to 800MW and pit mode. Combine this with the VAS 5.8GHz Minion Pro, and I can get clear out to 9km with no problem. My goal has initially been 5km as a first try.

For the GPS to aid the autopilot with return to home and waypoint missions, I have the Matek M8Q-5883 GPS Module. I looked around online and I found this as it only has a 20 second fix time cold (assuming it is unobstructed). This was definitely true, as on the first boot, I got a fix in around 16 seconds.

Lastly, I used the ExpressLRS Ecosystem for this drone. I have seen a lot about these guys lately, and having only used frsky R-XSR I decided to give them a try. Assembling the TX module with the fan and heat sink took less than 10 minutes. Then I took a look at the Rx, and I was blown away at how small it was. I have small hands, and this receiver was about the size of my pinky nail, without the antenna, of course. Flashing them with the latest and greatest firmware of ExpressLRS was easy since they both have onboard wifi hotspots for flashing. Then setting up the binding phrase, so I never have to hold a minuscule binding button, I cried a couple tears of happiness even though I have only had to do that once.

With all that, The build was complete. The first maiden was successful, it was a bit tail heavy as I was using a super-light battery, but this will be different once I put a lithium-ion battery in the nose. After auto Trimming and auto-tuning in INAV she flew amazing, I can throw this into manual, and it will only ever so slightly nose down, and that's a good thing. I was also having so much fun I ended up flying 9km away, setting the record I mentioned in the video system section. I can only imagine what a larger battery and actualy shooting for range can lead to. After the maiden, I noticed that where I fly, the ground is quite rough and put some scratches in the foam, so I just laid some duck tape on the bottom to protect it.

And all this is in a drone weighing 233 Grams.

If you have anyquestions about the build please let me know.

Update: Just got back from a 3 pack flight and i was not joking about the 4 inch prop allowing for some super low throttle cruize. At 20-25% throttle im cruising at 25-30 knots pulling only 1.2-1.3 amps. I did go home and verify that this is indead true and low and behold it was accurate. I wonder what kind or endurance I could get with one of those mini 3000mah 3s lithium ion ?


Part List


ZOHD Talon 250G 620mm Wingspan Mini V-Tail EPP FPV RC Airplane - PNP

Flight Controller

Matek F411-WSE Wing Flight Controller (6 builds)


ZOHD Drift FPV Glider 877mm Wingspan Airplane 30A w/ 5V 2A BEC ESC (2 builds)


ZOHD Drift FPV Glider 87mm 1406-2600KV Brushless Motor (2 builds)


ZOHD 5x5 2-Blade & 3x5x3 3-Blade Propeller for the Drift FPV Glider 877mm Wingspan Airplane

FPV Camera

Foxeer Razer Micro 1200TVL CMOS 4:3 PAL/NSTC FPV Camera (1.8mm) - Black (21 builds)

FPV Transmitter

RUSHFPV Tank II Ultimate 30x30 25-800mW 5.8GHz VTX - MMCXDefault Title (10 builds)


VAS 5.8GHz Minion Pro MMCX 90 Antenna (RHCP)


Happymodel ExpressLRS ES900RX Receiver (5 builds)


Lumenier 700mAh 3s 75c Lipo Battery (XT-30)


Jumper T18 Pro V2 Multi-Protocol RF Module OpenTX RC Transmitter w/ RDC90 Gimbals (5 builds)

Misc Parts

MATEKSYS M8Q-5883 GPS Module (9 builds)

Radio Module

Happymodel ExpressLRS ES900TX Transmitter Module (3 builds)

Battery Charger

Lipo Battery Charger Dual Balance Touch Screen RC Charger Discharger AC150W DC240W 10A T240 Duo for1-6S Li-ion Life LiHV 1-15S N

Soldering Iron

TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Interface Mini Soldering Iron (258 builds)

Misc Supplies

VIFLY ShortSaver 2 Smoke Stopper (2 builds)
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ExplodingEvo   Apr 03, 2022  

Looks massive inside that bay. What was your flight time with the 700mah 3s?

Rainy April FPV   Apr 25, 2022 

Sorry for the super late reply, i have not been on in a while. I was averaging around 8-10 min when flying normally doing loops and having fun. though the longest i have flown was around 15 min when i really cut back and just flew in a straight line.

kabon   Jan 25, 2022  

Looks beautiful! Haven't seen much fix wing builds like this, love to see the videos.

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