Sub 250g Opal 6"

By Skyguy on Jan 18, 2022

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Ultralight 6 inch. Wanted xt60, so had to modify raceday 4s 850mah battery to stay under 250 grams. Cruising I get 15min on the 850mah, down to 3.7v. With 304g 5000mah 21700 pack AUW is 484 grams.

Update: squashed it down to 20mm standoffs, added rush fpv microphone. Strongly considering 1800kv motors for 6s...



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h1nt3r1   May 18, 2022  

I was planning to build a ultralight 5" for freestyle with the Emax Eco II 2004 instead, aiming to be able to run on 4 or 6s, do you recommend changing to your suggested motor? I'm particularly a beginner to intermediate pilot, thanks in advance (and also for supplying my mind with so much builds below 250g)

Skyguy   May 19, 2022 

Unless you have all the other parts and know the exact weight and have a really specific thrust goal then no, not worth $5 more per motor. Dont have any eco 2004s but the reviews seem good. My Eco 2207s are smooth and eco 1404s have been relaible.

h1nt3r1   May 19, 2022 

I see, thanks for your opinion :)

nouxtywe   Feb 07, 2022  

want to build one :) do you think 182g dry is acievable with FPVCycle 2104 and nebula pro nano / naked vista?

Skyguy   Feb 07, 2022 

Yes, probably. Those motors are supposed to be 2-3grams lighter than my 1905s. I think with naked vista and polar nano or nebula pro nano you could get there. I'd stick with the 4mm frame. Might even depend on battery choice, xt60 or long battery strap can cost several grams.

nouxtywe   Feb 08, 2022 

Sounds great, thank you for the feedback. I would probably go for xt30 I don't think I would need xt60 (will do my maths though...) I would use small batteries with small strap for light cruising/freestyle. Did you have a hard time tuning the build? vibration-wise is it okay? Thank you for your valuable feedback :)

by the way, are you in Canada? Because you seem to be waiting for the weather to get warmer and... it's definitely cold here in Montréal :)

Skyguy   Feb 09, 2022 

Small elrs receiver with ceramic antenna can help save a couple grams also less than crossfire once you factor in antenna mounting. Have not done any tuning really, stock 4.3 rc 3 with crossfire freestyle presets. I've got some wobbles still with wind or big battery propwash. Too cold to get long flights in Wisconsin right now, still another month of building season.

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