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By Snap Aerial Silhouettes on Feb 17, 2022

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this is mule 01, by Snap Aerial Silhouettes

if you would like us to build you one, message us

if you would like to purchase the canopy alone (ships with RunCam Nano 3, new in packaging), message us

this is the final iteration of a pre-production model, and is not yet available on our website


this is a 210mm motor-to-motor aircraft designed to demonstrate a new form of Snap canopy designed for racing and ease of use

it is a test vessel meant to prove the concept of a cheaper, easier to build racing platform based on a low parts count, and less weight


this build is the first of its kind, and marks the start of a new series of unmanned crafts produced by Snap, which highlight simplicity and elegance in both form, and function

the builds in this new series are designed with the true high performance user in-mind, centered around the proven, cost-effective, bullet-proof, analog video system, with all modern racing amenities, tied into slim aerodynamic modern race frames that emphasize useability and durability (similar to track-only exotic cars)

the remaining builds will be created in this build's image, to further perpetuate the design themes of this series of builds, which are no longer giveaways, but instead, saleable and repeatable built-to-order units


this canopy is a true original and one of a kind in the racing drone industry, whether you like it or not, and regardless of whether you agree

however, this latest canopy for the Switchback PRO racing frame from Five33 drops internal electronics, and the camera retraction feature in lieu of weight savings and simplicity, in an attempt to simplify the build and give racers exactly what they want (what they need), and nothing else

the canopies in this series have perforations to allow for traditional (longitudinal) electronics mounting, and simplified use of today's evolved analog antennas, lending a streamlined build process and layout to what is already the most aerodynamic way of protecting a racing aircraft from frontal damage (Snap canopies)

these latest track-focused canopies mount a RunCam Nano 3 (as proven in the Mobula series of micro quadcopters) via compression, requiring no mounting hardware, and providing a fresh, clear view of the gates (we have no current features for viewing the rest of the pack, who will be behind you, so don't expect to see other crafts through this camera in your Snap canopy)

the canopy alone weighs a mere 9 grams and is nearly invisible to oncoming air (in terms of drag), which utterly punishes the argument for the standard Five33 top plate design (45 degree+ angle to oncoming air), with hardware, additional TPU camera mounts, and micro camera

if you consider yourself a fully dedicated racing pilot, and you are not running this canopy on your Switchback PRO, you are wrong

read more about our canopies on the company website, at


more specifically, this build is a MultiGP open class legal, 5 inch 6s racer, with MultiGP prodigy Drobot Racer's requested 45 degrees of camera uptilt and prop-in-view; it uses a U.FL antenna, and a hybrid setup with 6 inch rear arms that have to be purchased separately from Five33

the aircraft features maximally shrouded arms, with covers made from heat-shrink material (first pioneered by the brilliant builder at Catalyst Machineworks, Alan, to the best of our best knowledge) that span the entire length of the arm, minimizing drag over each arm resulting from propwash, or passing air

aside from the canopy, the build is composed entirely of standard components, including the Cap Cap power leads with 1000uF 25V Panasonic FM capacitor, courtesy of WaFL and PyroDrone, which makes replacement parts and service abundant and accessible

true DuPont Kapton tape has been used to more effectively isolate RF components in close proximity throughout the build

the LEDs on the onboard electronics eminate through the canopy, creating an effect similar to that of our more elaborate canopy designs with integrated LEDs, naturally, as seen in the below images- this provides critical safety visibility on the racetrack, and the signature powerful glow of a Snap product

we have opted for an especially tight build, for the ultra-slim aerodynamic profile it provides, minimizing friction drag on and over the center of the craft while also opening up space for propwash to escape the edge of the props (some good freestyle frames design around the same principle)

the transmitter antenna has been mounted at 45 degrees, to match the average angle of attack of the craft based on camera angle, for unadultered video transmission through the onboard Tramp Nano TX unit, which features seamless TNR wand control for track officials, and some of the best integrated technology on the market (the Tramp Nano manual is amongst the best we have seen, and is deserving of a read for those who care about quality, and limit pushing... it can be downloaded at the following link:

the control receiver on the craft shown below is a Crossfire Nano (with standard dipole antennas laced along the arms, because latency was our reason for this selection, not range {for racing application}), however, we will build yours as you request, doing our best to minimize drag and potential damage from/to any given or requested RX antenna

the Five33 Switchback PRO frame is not the easiest racing frame to build, nor is it the best looking, however, it is incredibly stiff, and provides handling that cannot be denied or ignored, therefore

flight testing proved this build to be the fastest we have ever flown, with handling that is purely unparalleled- the combination of the thin, wide stator motors seems to lend torque, and the mid-KV selection paired with 6s provides the top end scream all motorheads crave... even if you hate us or how we have done it here, build something like this for yourself and sense the feeling of unbridled electrical power applied to the air, at your fingertips... it is truly like nothing else

build weight (no props or battery): 200.4g

"she" Georgie, you call a boat a "she"


see you in the comments


voltage sensing

analog current sensing

ESC telemetry

IRC TX control, with TNR wand capability

1000uF 25v Panasonic FM low ESR capacitor

ROVAFLEX cable strap

full Diatone powertrain

hard-wiring wherever possible (to prevent plug pull-out in high speed crashes)

20x20 single-board AIO flight control design layout

Ummagawd Ummagrip Lite battery pad

quantity one (1) voucher for sweaty weekend with Swedish Bikini Team, not included

official release

the canopy shown on this build is not available to purchase on our website, yet

to be notified every time we break the mold with an immaculate in-house build like this one, follow us on this site

to break the racing drone molds at the tracks you frequent, visit and join our email list


Part List


Switchback Pro Frame Kit


Switchback PRO spare arm

Flight Controller

Diatone Mamba AIO F411 3-6S 20x20 Flight Controller w/ 35A 8Bit ESCDefault Title


4 x Diatone Mamba TOKA 2203.5 2200KV Racing motor


BD5.1x5.0E-3-B4 - APC Propellers

FPV Camera

RunCam Nano 3 800TVL CMOS FPV Camera w/ Plug for Mobula 6 (21 builds)

FPV Transmitter



FuriousFPV 70mm 5G8 U.FL Linear AntennaSKU: FPV-0257-S


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx (1491 builds)
See Site


XILO 850mAh 6s 100c Lipo Battery

Power Distribution

WaFL’s All-in-One XT60 and Capacitor (5 builds)

Misc Parts

Ummagrip Lite Universal Sticky Pad (Blue)
See Site

Misc Parts

HellermannTyton Black Cable Tie TPU Releasable, 260mm x 11 mm
See Site
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destos   Feb 21, 2022  

So minimal and compact, love it.

Snap Aerial Silhouettes   Feb 22, 2022 

... and, mid-kv 6s... very fast and agile, even with those thin stator motors, due to the ultra-low weight

glad you enjoy it, thank you

Mr_Stripes   Feb 17, 2022  


Snap Aerial Silhouettes   Feb 17, 2022 

this particular Xilo 6s battery is 147g (as listed on its webpage), for a total all up craft weight of 347.4g

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