FPV Frenzy Stretch 220

By gulzaar on Mar 11, 2017

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This is a custom designed frame. I tried to design it in a way that it would be strong, sleek, and still easy to build. I really like the form factor of the QAV X210, so I started with that as a base and stretched the arms. The arms are wide enough to accommodate KISS ESCs.

You can use pretty much any setup you like, as long as the FC is the standard 30.5x30.5 mounting holes. This build uses a KISS FC and ESCs which I had on another frame that I decided to retire.

Next, inspired by Falcon Multirotors, the waist of the copter is thin enough to comfortably pass the lipo strap around it. You don't need to put the straps through slots, so if you break a strap, it's really easy to replace.

The camera plates are curved to allow some room for wires to come from the ESCs to your FC stack, and if you want to forgo the plates altogether, there are mounting holes to slide your stock bracket through and bolt it in. Sliding the bracket through will keep the camera lower and prevent the bracket from turning around. It'll also give it some extra strength.

The top plate has cutouts to pass zipties for securing the VTx, plus a window for changing channels, and there are two extra holes at the very back to pass your RX antennas through if you choose to mount the antennas on the back standoffs like Mr Steele and FinalGlide.

The frame weighs 82 grams bare. The idea was to have a strong frame which would be very easy to open up and assemble again. You just have to undo four screws(like most small stack frames).

The body is just slightly longer to make for an easier, roomier build, and the extra body length is barely noticeable during flight.

Here is a crash test video



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