Flying Fish Digital FPV v2

By ExplodingEvo on Mar 10, 2022

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Update: I got the AUW down to sub250g with an 850mah 3s HV pack from Racedayquads AUW with 1100mah is 264-269g I cleaned up the wiring and have some velcro to secure the 850/1100 packs in place for CG.
I just love tiny quads but I also love tiny planes. I saw a review of this and immediately bought it. It arrived in a week and after a few flights of the drift and aeroscout I figured I'm an expert, right? WRONG! LOL I crashed this right away in manual mode because im dumb. But it's ready to fly! I have a Matek F411-Wse which is tiny! A new firmware gives it 3 full UARTS so you can use DJI and a GPS and receiver. Maiden flight I was cruising with a hawk that fortunately didn't attack. And only crashed once! This thing is pretty tough and I've reinforced the nose. I have the vista in with double sided high temp tape and it's upside down. The hot board is the bottom one. I had a heatsink on the Vista but I took it off for now, but I might bring it back but it adds 6g. If I do bring back the heatsink, I'll remove the caddx bottom metal piece. I cut the foam for the top piece and am currently holding it on with a couple pieces of tape. It covers the wires for the vista and GPS. If anyone knows where to get a super light micro USB extension that'd be great, or if I can get to inav via the receiver that'd also be awesome. I found some USB male/female plugs and they're 5 pin so I might wire up my own "extension" and shove the USB port through the side or something so I can plug in to the FC.

Here's another flight. I'm getting around 10-15 minutes on 1100mah 3s hv packs (with really bad resistance, I probably could hit 20 minutes with decent packs)



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tim3k   Dec 24, 2022  

hi ExplodingEvo,

which plane between these two would you recommend? drift or flying fish?

ExplodingEvo   Dec 24, 2022 

Depends on what you are looking to do:
Sub250g, easy launches, aerobatics -> Flying Fish
Absolutely longest flight times possible for the size -> Drift

I don't fly my drift anymore. I like the flying fish for fun stuff.

dpapworth   Mar 22, 2022  

Looks like an awesome build! I've heard good things about this extension. "ReadyMadeRC Micro USB Extension" Sorry, new member, so I can't post links yet.

ExplodingEvo   Mar 22, 2022 

Thanks! It's a ton of fun to fly. I'd definitely recommend one if you want a powerful tiny plane. I'm hoping to test its glide this weekend if the wind calms down. Also that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! You are the bomb! I need this on my Aeroscout too. It doesn't have the new Matek FC with the built in USB extender. I'm praying Matek comes out with an F722-WSE that's as small as that F411 soon! Once I have more UARTS I can use BT adapters for MSP connections.

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