By XadronsHorizon on May 16, 2017

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Welcome to my first 200+mm Quad. Orange/Black themed Hyphy because Orange is awesome and as an tribute to the Recongnizers from Tron.

Update: Finally finished the quad and got it up in the air. Even with the KingKong props (which I admit I got because they were inexpensive and durable), the quad is very responsive. Stock Betaflight tune is smooth as butter out of the box and as long as I don't throw a magnet, the Oomph motors are seriously impressing me in both amp draw and responsiveness (they have plenty of power to spare if you need it). This is my first 200+mm quad after flying a LT105 till it burned up the FC (twice...) but I can already feel the allure of messing with rates as I'd like my pitch and roll a bit more immediate, though I managed to swallow my fears of 4S and no expo for my first flights and I'm wow, am I glad I did.

Also, because I haven't seen it in but one or two builds so far, my impression on the Runcam Swift Mini. Overall, I'd say its fairly similar to the Swift itself, WDR and low-light performance for shadows is strong with the camera adjusting pretty quickly to any lighting ive thrown it through so far. Colors are fairly neutral tending toward being a bit cold but I was able to correct that with a couple settings tweaks pretty easily. It fits like a glove in the Hyphy frame with the CF notched a bit thanks to a Dremel and several Xacto blades. (Seriously, this CF stuff is tough, who'da guessed?) I can get ~50-60 degrees of tilt if I try but the camera starts hitting the stack much above 45. This thing is still pretty powerful for my skill level so 30 is fine with me for the moment.

The motor soft-mounts are Orange TPU from the makers of the Hyphy themselves. Theyre a bit thick and I had to get ~8MM screws so the screws would bite into the motor well enough but so far with a non-soft mount FC, I'm not any oscillation though the black box will tell the final story. The flight stack ended up ~22MM which for the BFF3, Unify Pro HV, and the depinned ia6c is a tight fit.

Long live the user!



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HyphPV   May 17, 2017  

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and hell yes to all that orange! Man, you've even out-oranged the orange masta! sick build dude! That's the first time I've seen orange hexagonal standoffs used, they look rad!

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