By airrage on Apr 21, 2022

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It has all the ingredients for a quad yet it is not, or is it

If considered not RB worthy @admin, please let me kow or unpublish

Remixed this from a fettec/@quadmovr(via his patreon) concept. Gave it my own sauce and dimensions running BetaFlight, which was finicky to set up as there unfortunately is no rc car profile. Try to tell fc/bf the pid loop is useleless, like telling a human being you can freely breathe uncer water. During testing a couple fly(runaways) and getting it to steer properly was also a challenge. Running 2306 2400kv (scaled to 17% lol!) Velox motors, ELRS ep1 on a 35a aio on 3s.

printed all the parts inhouse, petg body, tpe rims, pla wheels on the Prusa mini+ with a couple filament changes during mid print, just because.



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Jodie Froster   Jun 11, 2024  

when you set up BF, did you use a quadopter profile, to start? How DID you get it to ignore the PID loop?

airrage   Jun 12, 2024 

If I recall correctly I turned all pids to 0 or something in that fashion. I'd have to check but I just moved places so have it packed somewhere.

FlyWind   Dec 08, 2022  

Lol I love it, reminded me my air boat from a broken betafpv AIO. Why not a car? I going to build this once i have extra AIO

jawac86537   Nov 18, 2022  

Dude, can you write a manual as an ATV rides for an hour, around town??? I'll be very interested, and whoever likes it will be interested too!!!!

Madcatmike3d   Jun 02, 2022  

I love this build. I'm building one as well. I remixed it to be just a little bit longer, and a little bit wider as well, and with an analog cam into/behind the front bumper. But keeps the same height and motor/tire size. Only issue is no matter how much I tune the bed of my printer, it always comes out slightly warped, with 1 tire off the ground. Kind of frustrating lol. Super fun build though!

airrage   Jun 06, 2022 

awesome! keep us posted. tried printing one part at a time?

daich   Apr 22, 2022  

awesome! please post some vids!

here is some helpful setup for Betaflight and Car


it's in chinese but google translate will help enough and he's decently documented it with lots of screenshots

kwadkenstine   Apr 22, 2022  

Hi .
If anyone should have their hands slapped for posting this sort of thing it should be me.
But as i see it if it helps sell quad parts , what does it matter if it doesnt have props.
The one i built a while back was a bit more basic and i used a multi channel airplane flysky reciever and mixed in the radio like a plane.using esc settings as for 3d quad, no fc,
I know kiss has a mixer for this setup,
But i would like to know more detail on how you got BF to do it.

virtual_stephen   Apr 22, 2022 

iNav is the way to go for weird mixers, I did a little tank that way. You are just taking the tank-steering concept a little further. With iNav you can say how much each motor affects yaw, so one side is +1 for yaw and opposite side is -1 for yaw. Suppose if you have powerful enough motors you might be able to influence pitch also :-)

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