Whishper v2

By BUDLoNG on May 06, 2022

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I tried 4s on v1 and once i got on the throttle, it stuck .... After killing the power and falling to the concrete, I broke an arm on that toothpick frame and stripped a motor. I am running a geprc 5000kv, a flywoo 5150kv, and two flywoo 8150kv 1204s
if another one of these motors breaks or strips, i get to buy an new set :D
I wanted to try this phantom frame for a while and i prefer the cage and top mount battery setup over the camera on top canopy.
I gained 17g in the rebuild.
v1 used 2" 5 blade props, v2 is using 2.5" 8 blade props are pretty heavy. new frame also added some weight.
Its even more stealth than v1.
like my other geprc frame.. its super clean. They make quality frames
2s is nice for cruising
3s is optimal for fun
4s.... not until i go out to the wilderness but its gonna be tried :D


Part List


GEPRC Phantom HD 2.5" Frame Kit (9 builds)

Flight Controller

HAKRC F4126 BLHELI_S 20A WHOOP AIO FC (19 builds)


GEPRC GR 1204 5000Kv Micro Motor (2 builds)


3 x Flywoo ROBO RB 1204 5150KV/8150KV FPV Motor (4 builds)
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HQ Prop T63MMX8 Octo-Blade 2.5" T-Mount Prop 4 Pack - Gray (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Toothless 2 Nano Starlight FPV Camera Nero Acquista | FPV24.com
See Site

FPV Transmitter

HGLRC Zeus Nano 350mW 16mm/20mm/25.5mm VTX (32 builds)


RC Antennas (10 builds)


FrSky XM+ 2.4GHz Micro ReceiverDefault Title (1148 builds)
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Jodie Froster   May 25, 2022  

SO... you are telling me that this flies with 3 different kv's, across 4 motors? Is that right? I have a crazy request: can you make a vid of your fpv feed, with the blackbox overlay showing the motor values? I just want to see how much it's revving each motor!!
Any way you can show this would be so cool for me, I want to know which motor is on which corner too
I see that one of the 8150's is motor #2
I see that the 5000kv is motor #4

1 & #3 are an 8150, and a 5150, but I can't tell which is which from the photos

I would think that an 8150kv motor would require a different rythim from the ESC to maintain the same speed as the 5000kv, and i'm curious to know which draws more power

BUDLoNG   May 25, 2022 

8150's in back, 5150 front right, 5000 front left
i cant post video here :(


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