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By gvngoheavy on Apr 19, 2023

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Tinker Tinker Tinker

SO! I bought two TKS75 frames from Jacks 3d Printing a while ago to transplant my franken 75x build onto. I ran that with 1102 18,000kv motors for a bit with a TBS nano RX+VTX, and it was just too heavy for 40mm props That build then got transplanted onto a TKS78 frame, again from Jacks 3d Printing, to run 2in props and OH buddy is that a fun ripper.

So then those two tks75 frames sat for a minute. Then 1002 motors came out and I decided to try to build a mini pusher cinewhoop dealio. Eventually these got pulled back out once 45mm props came out with the meteor75pro. Those TKS78's got their cores ripped out for this build and one other. Im not upset at all that I gave up the 2in tks78's for this build.

Looking at the rcinpower motor data sheets its pretty interesting to see just how close 45mm props and 2in props are on smaller motors, 1002 and 1003. From what I can tell only after you step up to the 1003 motor on 2s do you really start to see higher thrust numbers from the 2in props over the 45mm props. To me this means that these small motors just dont have enough horsepower to fling 2in props. So for now this really seems to be the optimized setup for this little frame. Eventually I think running the tks78 with 1202.5 11500kv motors on 2s is the move. But then I start to wonder about my 3in babytooth, and the fact that those 1202.5 motors are currently kind of killing it on that quad. Maybe the FPVCycle 1303 motors to keep it on 1s? Thats for another day if at all.



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tommaison   Apr 27, 2023  

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DirtyD   Nov 01, 2023 

What is with these weird posts? This site is rife with them.

DirtyD   Nov 01, 2023  

Interesting to hear your experience with motor/prop combos. I've paired 2.5" props with the RCInpower 1002/19k Kv on a new build (2.5" pickle t'pick, 3 flights in) and am wondering if they're a good match. Have some 2" props (2023x3) on the way so will give them a bash and see how they compare. I agree the FPVCycle 1202.5s on 1sl swinging 3018s or the Emax Avia (lighter, better) are a brilliant match - the 2mm motor shaft is the killer feature of the whole setup. Love my 3" toothpicks!

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