Catalyst Machineworks macro merica 9” 8s

By Numbskullfpv on May 25, 2022

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My latest build

Catalyst Machineworks Macro Merica 9"

went with 8s on APD 80a esc's

Beautifull flying quad 


Part List


Macro Merica - Canopy Sold Separate (4 builds)

Flight Controller

BrainFPV Radix 2 Flight Controller (H7 + graphic OSD) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop (2 builds)


4 x Advanced Power Drives APD 80F3[x] 8S 34V 80A F-Series ESC
See Site


4 x Tornado T5 3115 Pro Motor (2 builds)


HQProp MacroQuad 9x5x3 R Prop (CW)
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Jodie Froster   12 days ago  

I come back and look at this build from time to time (so savage!!!)
THIS time I found a bunch of sex work advertised in the comments by some disturbingly unscrupulous individual or (more likely: ad bot).
Your build is still inspirational, and I would love to pick your brain about batteries and how well they performed with your setup here!
What batteries did you run on this bird? What did it take to get it to fly well, without too much sag?

Numbskullfpv   10 days ago 

yeah shame about the adverts !!!
so far just been running pairs of 2200mah 4s packs with a lowest rating of 90 as at the mo ,big packs seem to be out of stock in my usual uk stockist .. seems to fly full beans til the very end of the pack where its time to land so dont really notice much sag :)

jantahu8   2 days ago 

I am confused about the PDB connections and how is it connected to both the pixhawk and the batteries, and why are you using 2 batteries instead of one.

sumanrajput   16 days ago

Jodie Froster   12 days ago 

Stop advertising ACTUAL sex workers, this is a site for electronic hobbies, not a connection point for humans trying to have sex with each other!

sumanrajput   16 days ago  

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Jodie Froster   12 days ago 

Stop advertising sex work on this site, it is for multicopter builds, not prostitution!!!!!

sumanrajput   16 days ago  
Earlycheese   26 days ago  

hi dude,
something disturbs me on your build. isn´t the PDB only able to handle 160amp in total ? or is it per motor ? i'm confused.

thank you

Numbskullfpv   18 days ago 

Hey fella ,
pretty sure its per motor .. as the stick i gave it on its first few flights should have blown it if it was total lol !

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