By MattS on Mar 19, 2017

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Finally got me Tiny Whoop - love it, it's great, but I want me some mo' POWAH - discover the SWIRLIE designed with love by Short Crayon! Nearly identical MTM as a Tiny Whoop, but flies much bigger than it is! I went with the DYS 1102 10,000kv and Cicada 10A 4-in-1 ESC for future 3S insanity!! Although, I'm hoping 2S will do the trick!



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showintellpro   Mar 20, 2017  

This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in action

MattS   Mar 29, 2017 

Thanks!!! It was a fun build! I added a link to some recent video!

showintellpro   Mar 29, 2017 

Nice flying! That place was made for fpv micros! Well done

dopplesiebs   Mar 20, 2017  

Are those trimmed DYS props or are they stock size?

aliimam   Mar 21, 2017 

pretty sure those are trimmed - as the swirlie can only accomodate 1.5in props (40mm)

MattS   Mar 23, 2017 

Yup - trimmed DYS props. Winder Wonder sells a cool little prop cutter - modified nail trimmer.

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