4 inch BEE

By braberFPV on Mar 16, 2017

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This is my first 4 inch build. It was designed to run with 3s LIPO's because I have many laying around from when I started flying.
3D printed parts are available on http://www.thingiverse.com/tbraber
The motors I used where the Racerstar rebranded version of the DYS SE1806.
The TX is a 250mw 5v mini transmitter from Hobbyking but that one is not available any more.

The motors are soft-mounted with 1,5mm silicone rubber sheet. I put it on both sides of the arms.
I replaces the stock (2.8mm) camera lens with a 2.5mm Foxeer lens. This gives a very satisfying result for a 10 dollar camera.



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Whiffles   Mar 16, 2017  

Very cool! I've been considering a 4" rig myself. How do those 1806s handle and do you plan to mount an HD cam?

braberFPV   Mar 17, 2017 

I have tried it, but I really notice the extra weight.
I am planning to buy a Mobius Mini and make a 30deg titl mount for it. That should fit.
The 1806 are at it's max now with these props. When using two blade props I can run 4S but with these 4 blades, the motors get very/too warm using 4S.

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