By Darylk on Jul 10, 2022

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Saw the 75mm build of this frame here for the first time and drooled. Its on order. This one arrived first. Saw opp to make updated version. Diamond F4 with ELRS and openVTX and HappyModel 0702 26000kv as the updates. I like moderate speed in a whoop so I flashed 24khz bluejay. Had to use to enter my bindphrase and get the byte translation and use the output of the lower box on betaflight 4.3 to get bound. That and I am not sure its needed but I grabbed latest dev release of the firmware.

This increadibly clean build takes a happymodel 65mm whoop frame and cuts the ducts off. I could break out the dremel here but I am too excited to get charged back up. Compressed x in a whoop.... :-)

Cant say enough about this frame. Looks too simple. Designers offer spares on the TPU parts, thankfully. That and you can download the 3d source files from Fractal. Even the battery mount for the rear has two tiny little holes to tame vibrations from the antenna. If you grab this frame be mindful of the screw lengths, two are included. Easy to tear open a battery or leave to little thread in the carbon fiber.

Here is some video. It sucks for two reasons: the wind and my batteries. All vibration and jello is solely the wind. It will stream on mobile but DL on desktop. Made these big so compression didnt kill:



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SQunX   29 days ago  

a Tinywhoop on a carbon frame? I love it!
it looks so light and fragile, it probably is very fast and agile.

Darylk   12 days ago 

The flywoo 65mm frame that is cut up for this build is a different plastic than say the Meteor 65 and the ducts actually provide amazing strength to lateral impacts. Especially in this size. I nailed a front lawn lamp on a post at a good speed and with crash recovery enabled in betaflight it just bounced off and kept going. I've had about 3 of these incidents so far thinking it would be a goner each time. Again, I would highly recommend this frame. Newbee drone cockroach x-durable with lifetime warranty has broken on these same impacts in the past. I have a loop in my yard as most of us likely do and the hand rail and lamp post have cost me a lot of frames. The light weight helps the bounce factor. Ill try to get some dvr footage together and post, only my batteries are shot. More arriving in two days. Left them charged for a week, forgetting, so low flight times. The 75mm version of this frame (have one in build stage) comes with option for a thicker carbon plate and it retains the same compressed X form. And it does fit the new HDZero fairly well. New nano camera is a tight fit between the ducts and not very angle adjustable though. This 65mm with the diamond f4 is a hoot. Stick position for throttle is slightly higher than my 65fastback during flight but the motors are smaller. I would not call it fragile even though its like an egg to handle. The two copper antennas make it tricky to find a finger position for picking it up. In the northeast my enemy is the wind when flying this guy.

Mr_Stripes   26 days ago  

How durable would it be w/out the ducts? Nice build.

Darylk   22 days ago 

In crashes, probably not very durable. Frame flexes easily and is thin. Would be very light build though. Screws for this come with the kit too I believe.

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