Indestructible 3inch 2s

By Hellcat105 on Jul 12, 2022

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This is my 3inch 2s build. The goal with this quad has been to make as strong and durable as possible, in order to withstand the absolute thrashing it has and will be recieving. It is somewhat similar to the bnf HGLRC petrel120x 2s, however with some notable changes. The frame is 3mm thick instead of the 2mm frame on the petrel, to add durability. The motors are also different, I am using happymodel 1202.5 6400kv motors as they have been durable on other builds and will add more flight time then the 8000kv motors on the bnf. The canopy was also swapped out to a tough plastic betafpv canopy as the stock HGLRC canopy broke very easily. It is still using the same AIO, vtx and camera as the Petrel120x as these parts have been reliable on other builds. It is a little heavier than some other 2s 3inch builds, however far more durable which was the goal. I am running a frsky XM+ for now as even though I use expressLRS, I had this receiever lying around, and it has decent enough range, especially considering this isn't a very large or powerful quad.

Flight performance is decent, it has adequate power for most manouvres as well as having decent enough flight time (4 min of hard freestyle). This quad has been through alot in the time I have had it, It has been taken on numerous holidays, dived a hotel building being flown off the balcony, and remains my most frequently used quad. I fly it almost daily, in a variety of spots ranging from my front yard to large parks to paeking garages to construction sites. It has held up really well, the only thing I have ever broke in the 5 months having this quad being one motor, which broke from a direct hit to a metal rubbish bin which I crashed into at speed. I am pleasantly suprised by this as I do not go easy on my quads at all, and usually break much more than just a singular motor. It has even been bitten by a staffie and crashed into a puddle, yet has survived.



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Danny Britt   Aug 09, 2022  

What's the dry weight of this build? I recently tried my hand at designing a 3d printed toothpick frame using very similar parts to this and it came in at 66g with the HDZero whoop lite system.

Hellcat105   Aug 14, 2022 

58 grams dry

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