wo.ma v1.2

By BUDLoNG on Aug 06, 2022

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Whishper failsafed and fell out of the sky about 100 ft above the concrete. That will be the last build i use frsky on.
The Phantom frame top and bottom plate both cracked from the impact. They are both salvageable but I think a thicker baseplate would prolong it's life :)
I got the phantom HD bottom plate. Although people say it wouldn't fit, I thought I'd give it a go.
It does not fit :(
the top plate is around 5 mm shorter in length. I could not find any US source for the top plate so I decided to make it work. Easily enough if you use the slit in front of the bottom back hole in the base plate, it lines up (just barely).
So this build is using the Phantom HD bottom plate, and the basic hardware, and side and top plates.

I got a tiny 16x16 aio for weight and space saving. It's great but the soldering pads are tiny.

I tried to be clean in construction... it turns out my clean is still dirty :P

2s is tame
3s is pow
4s is ooomg good :)
build#87 :P

i got a little cocky after ripping around on 4s and tried a gap on 3s... quickest turnaround of a drone for me yet... 20 min of flying to annihilation.


I had to scrap my bin for some parts to get back up in the air. One of the arms and the top plate were cracked. I ordered the HD bottom plate for the thickness. I couldn't find a top plate anywhere except from geprc so i cut the arms off the old bottom plate and used it as the top. The bottom plate is now 3mm and the top is 2.5. The camera replacement is lighter, but has crappy dim light quality. I left the arms on the vtx in case i need to transplant to a whoop in the future. I added some bumpers in the hopes they absorb some of the stupidity im will surely take part in. Surprisingly i onyl gained a gram.
The front two bells were dented beyond repair so im using a geprc and a flywoo in the front and the og rcinpower in the back. They are all around 5000kv.



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airrage   Dec 24, 2022  

Nice build, ugly crash. The 'annihilation' had me laughing, pretty recognizable. comes with the hobby. luckily I didn't kept my build count the last 6yrs, would be too confronting loll.

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