1s 2.5" stealth ripper

By PlatyFPV on Sep 19, 2022

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What I learnt about 1s is that weight is really important, it can completely change the way your quad flies. This 2.5" toothpick can freestyle smoothly with enough power but lighter would mean more power. It's always better to build it as light as possible.

In this case I wanted a 1s 2.5" toothpick with a bit of range to fly in the city so I used the well known Minimortal T on a crossfire Nano Rx and added to my AIO an external 450mW eachine nano vtx. It works pretty damn well, I wouldn't add any more weight tho.

The complete build is 43g, It could've been lighter with :

  • Integrated rx : my aio has an integrated 2.4 Elrs rx but I don't use it. I fly with a tango 2 and I don't want a TX + Antenna sticking out the back anyway.
  • Integrated vtx : Happymodel now makes some AIO with openVtx going up to 400mW, idk how it goes but It'd save a few grams.
  • thinner frame : mine is 3mm thick, 2mm would've been ok.
  • other : my cam and aio screws are metal, nylon could do the job. I'd also prefer using a rubberband to hold my batteries instead of this tpu but I don't have any yet lol

I fly it with 1s 520 and 650mAh and it stays in the air from 5 to 7min. It's really fun but it could be lighter. I'm gonna try 1s 450mAh soon, it should already be better. This thing is so silent, you can't hear it from more than 10m away, and with road traffic it becomes absolutely inaudible.

here is some flight footage (shitty video because of wifi in cities, but amazing range for a 43g 1s build) : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CiYTD-mjLO0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

less cuts here, I was tuning it in my garden :

I'm thinking about building a 2" or 3" 1s build, I have no idea how different it'd feel but maybe I'll like it more, I'm so curious about the 1s world since it's so cheap and easy to fly everywhere.




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calleyc   Oct 19, 2022  

Hey Platy FPV, did you get RPM filtering going on the BetaFPV F4 1-2s AIO V2.0? The site says it is only compatible with BLHeliS. If so, which ESC firmware were you successful with for RPM filtering?

PlatyFPV   Oct 20, 2022 

Hi man, yeah it runs Bluejay esc firmware,I mostly flashed it to fly at 48Khz and get some more flight time.
Bluejay, J-Esc, Blheli_M etc are all "forks" from BLHeliS, so they all run it with no issues on the same hardware

h1nt3r1   Sep 20, 2022  

Nice build! Which Kv did you use in this build? (I guess that it is 12000 from the pics but I'm not sure)

PlatyFPV   Sep 21, 2022 

thanks dude, yeah 12000kv, I followed Kabab's recommendations and looked around here and it seems like the sweet spot for 1s 65mm.

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