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By Darylk on Oct 22, 2022

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Update - 5-25-2023 Thanks to a comment that caused a winter long though cycle of "is it going to have enough power" I redid this as 2s. RCInpower 1004 motors at 14k kv. Added better strap for battery. Need to update strap color. Still need to remake this canopy too. After flying it the other day I ordered everything needed to make a 1s version. Ill put up video soon. Amazing!

This quad had a slow start. Bought a 75mm R3D frame last year and broke it trying to bend it to get the flight controller in to position. Never even flew it. Then it hit me that I didnt want a frame that flexed that much. Anyways I had the canopy laying on my bench since breaking the frame. Looked for a quad that I could fit it on. Then I saw the Mantis tothpick frame on CNC drones and bought it thinking it may work. Came together well actually.

The frame designer mentioned 1002 motors as ideal. Was looking at the flywoo 1002's but then Newbee advertised their new 0804 motor. Simple math on stator surface volume shows the 0804 in the lead and by a lot. Not to mention they were between 8 and 9 bucks a motor vs 13 for the flywoo. 10 x 2 =20mm stator surface volume on 1002 motors. 8 x 4 = 32mm staor surface volume on 0804 motors. Had to max out bluejay starup power to get them to spin in BF motor testing. The thing that sold me was that I could build this frame in compressed X and I could use whoop prop guards in "Fractal engineering style" by cutting up a whoop frame. This one was a happy model 2 inch frame. Dremeled all the bumps smooth. Or tried at least.

Betaflight rpm filtering has made it so I dont want to fly an F411 based FC anymore. They cant keep up. F405 and up only for now on. Set this up for a 1s 450mah. 25000k 0804 motors. Flywoo veritile 2s 12a AIO with built in serial RX ELRS. Used the lighter antenna from a jhemcu 5a elrs aio. Nylon standoffs. Special screws from two kits off amazon (m1.4 x 5mm and m1.4 x 6mm for the motors). TBS toothpick mounting board for the pro 32 nano VTX in analog form. Using BT2.0 battery lead as this will be a high amp low volt quad. May look at higher dischaege batteries soon. Camera is the Caddx ant lite. The camera mount from R3D and the canopy are highly recommended for purchase as I think its carbon fiber impregnated nylon and its strong as heck. Best canopy I have seen for a front mout camera whoop. Mounted it on top of the m2 nylon standoffs to get some air inbetween and to keep the antenna pressed in to the canopy. The CF nylon has like a 265c melting point. Hoping it holds up against the TBS VTX at 400w. I 3d printed a TPU rubber band to the right size to hold the battey that just rests on each frame support and presses against a foam pad. The frame has "hooks" for the rubber band. Really really like this frame. Very stiff with the braces in place. I did zip tie the battery lead and have the antenna for ELRS running under the frame. Weighs in at just under 40 grams without battery and 51 even with battery.

Looks like R3D is not selling quads anylonger. Sorry but I cant link the canopy. I'll see if I can scan it and recreate in a week or so. The thick paint upon it obfuscates its creation. Anyone know how to strip paint of 3d printed parts without killing the part? May be molded too.



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polibear   May 29, 2023  
ButterflyFPV   Dec 15, 2022  

Does it fly any good? Because that's extremely heavy for a 1S whoop.. And 804 with 1S 450mah would have to be pretty bad voltage sag..

Darylk   Dec 16, 2022 

Ill have to let you know in the spring. In NY state we are hibernating until then for quads. I had an old GNB 450mah with BT2.0 on and it flew around my house "track" alright. I built it for high speed cruising. Yes, could feel sag on hard throttle. Its not a freestyler. Knew at build I would want a 100c or better battery. Wanted to try the motors. this was first frame that looked on point as the designer had 1002 motors in mind. One flight so far. Will post more when we thaw.

ButterflyFPV   Dec 16, 2022 

I'm excited to hear about your test flights in spring. Try Dogcom 550mah 150C. GNB 550mah 100C. Or weebleed 450mah 95C.

Darylk   Mar 17, 2023 

Getting closer. You caused me to think on this a great deal. I have 2s motors ready to go just in case. Didn't know about the Dogcoms but I cant find them state side. Thanks for the information. I have tattu 95c to test with and if its a dog, Ill let you know.

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