EDF Jet Quad

By JackBear FPV on Dec 01, 2022

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My latest EDF jet quad! Based around a CL1 frame, I printed up all the other parts for it. It flies like a heavier quad because it takes a second for the fans to spin up, but it's a fun cruiser! An important factor in tuning is dropping your "I" gain in roll and pitch by like 8 to start. If not, it tends to get into what I call a "death oscillation wobble" where the FC is trying to correct the lag in the fans. Flight time is only around 2 mins on a 4s 1300, but I might build another with 64mm EDFs so I can run 6s.



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Cmo_CycleFpv   Dec 19, 2023  

do you have videos of this build

JackBear FPV   Dec 21, 2023 

I do, but on my FB page

briakerian   May 03, 2023  

wow, it so great

briakerian   May 03, 2023  
MamaJOE   Jan 12, 2023  

Wow, awesome project!
Well, it doesn't seem to make much sense in terms of flight performance but definitively in terms of creating something special - great work 👍

newtoon   Dec 26, 2022  

it's cool as hell and reminds me of a quad I wanted to build from a drawing I noticed in 2012 from an artist and wanted to build one but with thermoformed canopy

butcher51   Dec 19, 2022  

What a crazy thing, congratulation :D

tech5960   Dec 14, 2022  

This Quad looks very futuristic and Alienish if you will but the flight time of 2 mins is a deal breaker.

JackBear FPV   Dec 16, 2022 

It definitely sucks the juice fast!

ButterflyFPV   Dec 15, 2022  

Nice Build! Looks very good! caught my attention!
Video of a (LOS) Flight? :-)

JackBear FPV   Dec 16, 2022 

i do! But its on my FB

dafunk   Dec 09, 2022  

Looks absolutely amazing !
Thanks for sharing

Mr_Stripes   Dec 01, 2022  

But does it sound like a fighter jet?

JackBear FPV   Dec 01, 2022 

It absolutely does!! its cool af!!

Haku FPV   Dec 07, 2022 

this is the sickest fpv drone i have ever seen, every single point of it is perfect, it is a masterpiece

JackBear FPV   Dec 07, 2022 

Thanks man! I'm really proud of it!!!

ChrisCro82   Dec 03, 2022  

I normally don't comment that often.
But this build really caught my attention to detail.
I really like the 90 degree usb-c adapter,the 3d printed protector around the 90 degree usb-c elbow,and the thumbcam/gps holder.
I think this build is pretty cool.

JackBear FPV   Dec 03, 2022 

Thanks man!!!

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