Banana smoothie AOS35

By Ifly@sgfpv on Dec 30, 2022

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After broke crux35 frame for the 3rd time, I decided to replace it with this...chris rosser aos 35
Fly well with some tuning just using the master slider in bf
This v2 version...the standoff is blocking the usb to the FC and vista, I have to rotate the FC so that the usb is facing the back.The vista usb port still blocked by the standoff, i don't have a choice.Unless I stack everything in the center, but will be tight as the standoff height is only 20mm.
Dry 163.5g
AUW 235.5g with gnb 720mah 4s
Flight time 4.30-5mins with gnb 720mah 4s



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RVR_TheBot   6 days ago  

wowie what a sweet clean build!
Can I ask you how those motor perform?

caffeine goat   Jan 20, 2023  

Happy to see more SG pilots are participating! That's a great build

Ifly@sgfpv   Jan 23, 2023 

thanks your build too, so clean and well build, mime nothing compare to your.
nice to

toni903   Jan 05, 2023  

What kinda of battery pad is that? I had aio whoop style and replaced it with 20x20 aio. But the best option would be 16x16 flywoo stack super light and a lot of room. Relly sad aos doesnt have 16x16 holes

Ifly@sgfpv   Jan 05, 2023 

i cut out some sticky pad from a sheet and lay it on the frame to save weight instead of whole rectangle pcs.i dont have 20x20 aio on hand when building, only 20x20 stack and a 25x25 whoop aio...yah 20x20 aio should work well

McLogo76   Dec 30, 2022  

Nice build! I've got the same issue with my 20x20 Mamba stack on one of my two AOS 3.5v2 - have to remove a standoff to access the USB.

Ifly@sgfpv   Dec 30, 2022 

That why i mount my fc at th back and rotation so the usb facing the back of the at the front usb still block by standoff.
u have 2 awesome build aos35 bro!

McLogo76   Dec 31, 2022 

Thanks bro! Love this quad 👍

BUDLoNG   Dec 30, 2022  

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