YRZ Freshman

By Craftedkwads on Dec 30, 2022

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This frame has been in the works for quite some time. Almost two years now, if we’re including the story of the YRZ Spartan. And finally, it’s here and ready for production. Finally! The YRZ Freshman is here.

With the YRZ Freshman, we wanted to make an open, accessible, basher that was unique and did not cut corners. A year and a half later, best believe that that is what we did.

The Freshman mounts almost every modern system. 30x30 (which is actually 30.5x30.5mm mounting, yayy industry naming standards!) and 20x20 (actually 20x20mm mounting, there is zero actual transferable standard) central stack mounting. 30x30, 25.5x25.5, and 20x20 rear mounting, spaced for the DJI FPV Air Unit, DJI O3 Air Unit, HDZERO Freestyle 1w vtx, Avatar Air Unit, and more (the insane Foxeer Reaper Extreme 2.5w vtx, for example).

Central stack mounting is m3, because the overwhelming majority of 5” oriented electronics, 20x20 and 30x30, are m3 mounted. Rear 30x30 mounting is m3 (because that’s the standard), and 25.5x25.5 and 20x20 is m2, for the majority of peripherals that size that use m2 hardware.

The Freshman is a true X frame, mounts arms via two points, and has a channel for stack screws to fully clear. A good taper at the base, large bracing, and a very large and radial arm end makes it perfect for a basher. Fitting 16x16 and 19x19mm motors, the Freshman arm end FULLY protects motors up to 30mm in external bell diameter. And that's not including the added protection of the optional arm guards. That is incredibly rare to see, even in a basher frame. Typically motors are protected from direct front and side impact, usually via horns— not here. Here, the entire motor is protected, ALL the way around on the exterior. It looks really, really cool, and is completely functional.

The Freshman is one of the strongest frames available on the market, and from what I’ve seen, the most open and accessible mounting frame. Structural cutouts are used to reduce weight and increase strength (I call them “science holes”), and curves are everywhere.

The frame is incredibly stiff, due mostly to its inner bracing and arm design and configuration. Easy to tune, this is a pure-bred freestyle frame.

I think I’m running out of things to say. We’re finally at the culmination of a two year design project, to make an open, accessible, basher that was unique, didn't have any compromises, looked good, and flew beautifully. The YRZ Freshman is that.



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