Nostal v3.3 Frame Introduction

By Sticky_RiceBowl on Jan 14, 2023

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Nothing like starting the new year with a new setup to fly.

Just an introduction. Will post an indepth evaluation of the frame soon including a video. The Nostal series of frames I am designing is aimed towards micro quad pilots that just want:

  1. a little more durability especially for crashing on concrete.
  2. Top-mount battery to avoid damaging the battery (something I noticed with flying toothpicks for a while now is that in a crash, the battery is kinda just exposed).
  3. a little more weight for freestyle.

I am hoping to achieve BabyApe type of stability with the added durability of double braced arms like the THFS/ HX115 LR/ BabyHawk 2 frames. So far, with 100+ flights and 70% of crashes being concrete collisions, I have not broken anything. I assume that is from my type of flying - which is quite docile - so I will be trying my best to switch to more aggressive flying to give a broader evaluation if this is suitable for its purpose.

I've updated the Nostal v3.2 frame with a few changes in mind:

  • Front space to allow a 14mm camera to be mounted on 3D printed brackets that attach to the standoffs. Will have options for a fixed angle (for Caddx Ant Lite) and adjustable camera mounts (for 14mm x 14mm cameras that have mounting holes).
  • Longer middle section (specifically on the front) to make space for future mounts for Runcam Thumb Mounts while also holding a 450-550mah battery.
  • Thicker frame ( v3.2 had 1.5, current v3.3 frame on hand is 2.7mm thick. Will settle for 2mm for 1s. 2.5mm for 2-3s).
  • Different versions available depending on weight limits and durability required by the pilot (Will explain futher on another future article).

Interms of specs, most parts are different from my Nostal v3.2 build (since it is meant for 1s only and V3.3 is for more powerful setups). I am using a NamelessRC AIO 12a board with Bluejay PH90 esc firmware. Yes, it is different from the default firmware because the default firmware made my escs overheat and luckily I found a post ( that gave a couple of solutions. It is using Gemfan 3016 and 1103 8000kv HGLRC motors but I believe these are hard to source so probably just stick with any 1202.5/1104/1103/1303 set of motors that are available. I am using a fixed camera mount since I am using a Caddx Ant Lite and I am still using the OVX300 VTX which seems to be working great for 200+ flights. Lastly, I am using BetaFPV 2400RX Lite ELRS Rx with a mini immortal T antenna and a Tattu R-line 550mah 2s battery. I chose a bigger battery for the weight and the 6-7 min flight time is just a bonus to me. It has a 91g AUW with the components mentioned. Configuration and example PIDS are shown in the pictures.

Honestly impressed with how well this thing flies. The PID could use a little more adjusting but I am happy with the way this thing flies as of right now. Tracks well, allows me to fo my type of freestyle which is just simple flips and dives (I'm limited to the space I have - also why I only fly 1-2s).

Will not yet release any files for this as I am already done with v3.4 which has changes that should further the capabilities and durability of the frame. Will CNC and test v3.4 within the month if I feel like its decent enough to release.



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SemiCollin   2 days ago  

Reminds me of the baby ape, nice drone though

MamaJOE   14 days ago  

Interesting design and cool video - once more I realize, I need more training...much more. Maybe I should consider something with 2S, next...
But as a DJI-user, weight will be critical, I guess.
Your BF settings are sick, especially the PIDs!

Sticky_RiceBowl   14 days ago 

Thank you! Planning to upload a video on how to design double-braced arm frames (I call it that) cause its a little more involved. That video will also be featuring this frame and changes I want to make.

I'm just used to smaller places cause I only get to fly here at home. Heads from infinity loops did say mastering tighter locations will help you do better in wide open areas.

2s is probably limited to around 100g (I plan to test that by using an old Caddx Turtle V2 thats 10g). If your setup goes above that, perhaps go to 3s?

Thanks! still working on making those PIDs better but for now they're pretty good.

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