Sacrificial Martian II

By SoloFpv on Mar 24, 2017

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So the plan here was simple, build the cheapest alien clone for the least amount of Money with the best performance for the money. Its a balance, i could have gone clone, cheap everything but I know personally how bad the performance can get on some of the lower end parts out there. This quad is amazing! And was fun to build as a "basher". It ended up being a little pricier on paper but I already had the esc's and FC from another build that fell through. The idea for this quad is that it can be used for those extra risky situations where loss is a real possibility.

I love the piss colored props and the red together, reminds me of Ronald McDonald!



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KCBizzy   Apr 14, 2017  

what session mount is that?

SoloFpv   Apr 15, 2017 

Its a great, mount!, Like my build bro! Like for like!

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