Mobigital7 75mm Digi Whoop- Naked DJI Vista

By Davidpe on Jan 28, 2023

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I've really enjoyed the Mobigital7 75mm 03 Air whoop that I built a few weeks ago! It's still amazing to me that you can have this kind of video performance in such a small build. The naked O3 Air turned out to be roughly 46g depending on props and I knew from building many naked Vista's that I could take the weight down and improve freestyle performance. Don't get me wrong, I think the original 1102/10,000kv motors on the first one are the sweet spot but wanted to experiment with something lighter.

I used the same recipe used on my first one HERE. Same frame, FC, and build details. This includes drilling out a Happymodel Moblite7 Mobula7 V3 Frame and then running four M2.5x25 nylon screws from the bottom to support the FC and Vista boards. It's a proven method that Dax Neal introduced on the orginal Mobigital7. He's got a great FB group HERE and even a website catering to parts if someone needs help printing or decasing the DJI units. He also does a BNF build for beginners or those who are not ready to build. Good dude who is active in the community and always testing out cool new things.

The key difference on this build was the selection of 1002/14,000KV motors. These motors are measurably lighter than than the 1102's and paired with the lighter Vista and Nebula Pro Nano it allowed me to shave off 8 grams! I landed on 38 grams dry. Surprised myself a little that it came in so light. The only real tricky part of this build was soldering the motors through the frame. These bigger motors don't fit through the frame like 802's so you have to pull the wires through and find a way to solder. The pictures below show the balancing act!

You can really feel difference in handling however you're giving up a bit in video quality. I still personally love the vista so that's no biggie to me.

Check it out. Lots of build pics and happy to answer any questions.



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baldden   Apr 05, 2024  

I build the same but props scratch the frame V3 :( how you did it?
HappyModel Mobula7 V3 7
HQ Prop 40MMX3 Tri-Blade 40mm

tinexd   Dec 25, 2023  

Hey :) great built :) is it possible to get the stl for the print?

tinexd   Dec 25, 2023 

ahhh found it at quadsensei :)

Davidpe   Dec 25, 2023 

It's available on the Mobigital Facebook group for free if you have a printer

Davidpe   Dec 25, 2023 

📸 Look at this post on Facebook

At the top in 'files'

niuk   Aug 17, 2023  

What ESC f/w should I flash to Mobigital 7 with 1102 10K motors ?
I used FC/ESC AIO (GOKU GN 405S 20A AIO) with NIN V2 1203PRO 3400Kv motors which I just changed to 1102 10K motors
I can see there is BLHEli_S 16.7 G-H-30 right now

Davidpe   Aug 17, 2023 

I would use the latest BlueJay esc firmware version on 48K. Use the same G-H-30 target. You will then be able to use RPM filters in Betaflight.

airrage   Aug 08, 2023  

How does it fly with the 1002 compared to the 1102 i'm wondering.

Davidpe   Aug 09, 2023 

Great motors for more of an acro feel however I prefer the 1102's for the mobigital setup.

Marco   Jun 01, 2023  

super taff.
je vais monter le meme le poid est hallucinant comparer au modula 8 hd qu'ils font maint..

Davidpe   Jun 02, 2023 

Thank you. It flies great Both inside and out

JBD:FPV   Apr 13, 2023  

This dude is a selfless drone BEAST! Very nice work.

TonDaron   Feb 11, 2023  

Hi, nice one and thanks for sharing.
What lipo are you using with it ? Is it agile ? how durable is it ? Thanks

Davidpe   Feb 11, 2023 

Thanks! I'm using Tattu 2s 450mah lipos and get 3 minute flight times. It's set up as a house cruiser at the moment however it can be super nimble outside as well. No problem with any of the regular flips, split s, etc. And it's super durable because its so light weight.

TonDaron   Feb 11, 2023 

Thanks a lot. I've got a mobula7 1s elrs with the X12 aio . Now that I have DJI goggles I'll definitly put some research on how to convert it to HD. Frame is mobula7 v4, do you think I still can built something with it ?

Davidpe   Feb 11, 2023 

You would have to modify the battery holder on that frame as the DJI system needs a minimum of 2s. I would personally buy a new frame that already allows 2s lipos. The FC that you have should work perfect. Hit me up if you need help

sendorm   Jan 31, 2023  

Looks like a great build, thanks for sharing. Do you have any flight videos of it?

Davidpe   Jan 31, 2023 

Thanks for the nice note! I'll try to upload some video this weekend.

airrage   Jan 31, 2023  

nice build! I did it the exact same with the screws to hold the entire stack. just a metal one that holds the cam. I believe it was Nick Burns that did it this way opposed to Dax who drilled them out.

Davidpe   Jan 31, 2023 

Thanks! I remember seeing Nick do something similar. The use of M2.5x25 nylon screws is the game changer for this one. It really creates a rigid structure for the stacked boards.

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