AOS 5.5 v2 O3

By himynamesjoel on Feb 07, 2023

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I was looking to build a short to mid-range quad that could carry a full size GoPro and will be used mostly for cinematic flights. I still wanted to have the flexibility of speed and agility and wasn't looking to build a bigger 7 inch quad...yet. I'm saving that one for a li-ion focused mountain surfer/fast cruiser quad. I took about a year off of flying FPV to focus on myself(who didn't after 2020) so I wanted to refresh all my quad knowledge and skills with this build. Purchased a very lightly used TX12 with AG01 gimbals from a nice guy on an online marketplace for FPV that just put the gimbals on and decided they did not want a small radio and sold it to me for REAL cheap(pretty much the cost of the gimbals new). Updated the TX12 and learned EdgeTX and then updated and programmed my full Crossfire TX into a model to setup my switches and channels. Finally caught up on current FPV gear and knowledge and then jumped straight into the O3 Air Unit and goggles 2. The reviews for range were impressive and since my purpose was for mid-range I figure It doesnt even have to carry a gopro with the 4k60+ recording capability of the O3 air unit.

Now, the parts I chose for the build were mostly based on Chris Rosser's suggestions of propeller/motor size for the 5.5 frame and then whatever was in stock at the time for FC/ESC stack. I had extra XF receivers and my buddy can 3d print me anything I can find a render for. I've never tried crossfire diversity so I ordered that and installed it after a few test flights on the quad. I trust the link crossfire has even a few miles out but I didn't want to worry about flying this 2km+ up a mountain or power looping a random gap I find a mile out.

Made a few changes to the tune in betaflight to increase the master slider and get a more responsive quad and even with my heavy 2800mah RDQ 6s and a GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini the motors felt warm but not hot. Flight time on the 2800mah battery was over 8 minutes cruising out 2 miles and back and then just some low fast passes around me. I wanted to imitate a flight out to dive a mountain and fly back to see how the 2208 motors use power. With the 1500mah batteries I'll normally fly on there I was able to get almost 6 minutes of cruising flights and about 4 minutes aggressive freestyle type of flying. I haven't tested the flight time without a gopro yet since I'm also learning how reelsteady is now incorporated into gopro player, which works pretty well.

I can't get the built in Rocksteady to work well but I have seen a few modifications people have made to the ESC freq that takes away the specific frequency messing with the O3 gyro but the unstabilized 4k100fps video the Air Unit records is impressive since that's the same lens that I'm flying through.


Part List


AOS 5.5 V2 (2 builds)

Flight Controller

T-Motor VELOX F7 HD Stack - F7 HD FC + V45A V2 ESC
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4 x T-Motor VELOX F7 HD Stack - F7 HD FC + V45A V2 ESC
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4 x T-Motor VELOX VELOCE V2208 V2 Motor - 1750KV/1950KV/2450KV (Gray) (2 builds)
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HQProp 5.5X2.2X3 Light Grey (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate

FPV Camera

DJI O3 Air Unit (3 builds)
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FPV Transmitter

DJI O3 Air Unit (3 builds)
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DJI O3 Air Unit (3 builds)
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TBS Crossfire Diversity Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (95 builds)


CNHL Black Series 22.2V 6S 1500mAh 100C LiPo Battery - XT60Default Title (6 builds)


DJI Goggles 2
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HD Camera

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini (Small Action Camera) (2 builds)
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Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Transmitter (8 builds)
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d3vnu1l   May 12, 2023  

Do you get any props in view shooting in wide? About to pull the trigger on a similar build, but if my GP11 mini picks up props, that's a no go.

himynamesjoel   23 days ago 

I'm sorry I had some life events that took me away from keeping up with community things. Did you end up getting the frame? If you fly less than 25 degrees then the 8x7 can pick up the props. When I throw that into goproxreelsteady the props go away in the 9x16 and don't generally show up in 16x9 unless using a high smooth percentage.

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