Meteor75Pro 45mm Props

By gvngoheavy on Mar 17, 2023

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Bought frame and props as soon as I saw them for sale. Then transplanted my Meteor65Pro build onto this setup.

While I think the 802 19500kv motors are bare minimum for these props they do work, and are probably the best option for cruising. If anything I think that maybe some 1002 22000kv motors would be ideal if you wanted a more freestyle oriented build. I dont think that you would need anything more than the 5A betafpv f4 board to run those.

UPDATE 4-18-23:
Hookay- SO after a little bit of D term nudging and going to biblades this setup on 802 motors does whip quite nicely. I have since crashed out the betafpv 5a 1s spi elrs board that I had in this quad and have since been flying the sibling build I did when putting this together. That build is the blue frame with nbd plaid 20,000kv motors, HappyModel 5a 5-in-1 spi elrs aio, bi-blades, and the same cam/canopy/antenna setup.

I did also try out a flight with the insta360 Go lashed to the front. While it really was a bear to manage it didnt complain too too much about lifting that lil camera. I think maybe a thumb with a stepup voltage converter could be a move. Eventually I think a 1002 pusher modded version of this quad might be a thing.



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Sugalime3D FPV   Jun 26, 2023  

How did you mounted the M03 ? It is hard to see

gvngoheavy   Jun 28, 2023 

I use double sided tape, either 3m vhb or a foam mounting tape to adhere the m03 to the aio board. I used to tape them to the beebrain camera mount but that made it kind of easy for crashes to push the two boards together and break stuff.

Sugalime3D FPV   Jun 26, 2023  

Instead of a Meteor 75 I will also build a Meteor 75 Pro. Just like you with the 802 19500kv motors. That should work, after all, I even had 2" 2 blades on these motors...

Mr_Stripes   Mar 18, 2023  

Im wondering what frames that are for 40mm props would fit these, not whoop frames but something like the flywoo nano baby. Nice build!

gvngoheavy   Mar 18, 2023 

Heyo, so this is another experiment that Im working on currently. I can confirm that the TKS75 frame will not only fit these props, but also the ducts from the betafpv frame. Im still tinkering with that setup because it currently weighs 30g, which I think is just too much for the 802 motors I have on it. Maybe Ill post that build next. I kinda want to pull the 1002 motors off my tks78 builds and go back to 1102's there then put thise 1002s on these two 45mm builds.

Mr_Stripes   Mar 19, 2023 

Yeah i feel like 0802 are perfectly suited for 40mm props. I think 1002 at 22000kv with the 1.8inch triblades would be pretty nutty. I think 1002 should be the sweetspot for props of that size considering how well they work for 2 inch biblades but they cant handle 2 inch triblades nearly as well. Going from 1.6 to 1.8 inch props you get a ~27% increase in disc area (according to my quick math) which is fairly significant. Im not willing to try and stuff them into a 75mm whoop build but for these tiny toothpicks they will be awesome.

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